E-mail Automation Programmes

With the economic cycle causing uncertainty, marketing budgets are constantly under review. Marketing automation has become a new 'buzzword' as marketers are being asked to deliver bigger, faster and cheaper results with less resources.

At STAR Digital we've been instrumental in providing business transformation for our clients through the use of automation on their web sites and in e-mail marketing. Our in-house marketing team work closely with clients to develop automation strategy and scope out fluid agile development that helps business profit.

Our e-mail marketing platform allows for true automation of processes and integration with operational data to deliver the most timely and relevant messaging to your prospects. From simple auto-email programmes for new subscribers through to complex multi-layered programmes looking at previous user propensity or sales history, combined with auto content feeds from existing web assets, we've got a solution to make your email marketing more automated, relevant and granular.

We can develop rules based automated lead generation programmes that nurture your leads through an on-boarding process, or move them through a sales process smoothly and unobtrusively. Users that don't perform an action within an e-mail such as opening it, clicking on a link or performing a file download can be automatically re-targeted after a determined period, or dropped off the communication chain altogether.

Inter-dependencies can be set up to move prospects from one automated programme to another based on their lead status. So prospects that become customers can be treated differently without intervention. In addition we can set up relational data tables that look at your subscribers purchase history in order to server up personalised content, such as a discount based on their lifetime value, or loyalty point data.

Behavioral targeting can be used to serve up relevant content to the right people, increasing engagement and click through. The send time optimisation feature can learn over time the best day or time of day to send e-mails to recipients, and the branded landing pages and web form features can make data collection, surveying and list building very easy.

Retention marketing is made easy using our marketing automation programmes, through the development of smart e-mail templates populated with dynamic content you can communicate relevant offers and discounts to your customer base on a regular basis without having to build countless e-mails.

Our tools enable marketers to create e-mails, micro-sites, surveys. PURL's and web forms. The e-mailing engine can send millions of e-mails at any time using best practice delivery techniques to ensure on-going white listing with the main ISP's.

Integration is key and we can help your team to integrate with back office systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and cloud based CRM solutions such as Salesforce.

Measurement is easy with the fully customisable reporting dashboards. You can even track shares to social networking sites and integrate to any of the main web analytics solutions.

So if marketing automation is important to your business get in touch with STAR Digital on 01604 696385 to see how we can support you in delivering business transformation.

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