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STAR Digital, a Silverpop Sure Agency Partner specialising in email marketing API integration, email marketing automation and behavioral targeting. We work with both the Silverpop Engage and Silverpop Transact platforms.

Taking email marketing to a new level

The days of batch and blast e-mail marketing should be put firmly in the past. Digital marketers now understand the need to profile users, nurture leads, capturing and using data in much more intelligent ways to create e-mail automation heading towards one to one communication.

At STAR Digital we have developed customised programming around the extensive Silverpop marketing automation API to enable email marketers to do more with their campaigns.

From making use of relational data tables from within the email marketing system (EMS) to perform intelligent queries on the fly, to developing data led individual e-mail marketing broadcasted in batches, (one to one) but still providing full metrics. We have helped corporate marketers to take their e-mail marketing to unprecedented levels of detail and automation.

Not just that, but we advise on intelligent re-engagement strategies to get your main marketing lists open rates to new highs. We also work with you on propensity scoring, recency, frequency, monetary analysis (RFM) and lifetime value (LTV) tracking strategies

When it comes to creative, our team know how to deliver the best quality messaging and branding to make your messages cut through the clutter. We build flexible templates for use by in-house non-technical teams, and provide on-going support to get the most from every mailing. Our systems come with all of the full reporting metrics you would expect and more. If you have an idea you'd like to discuss please give us a call.


So what do you actually do?

Here are a few examples of recent e-mail automation projects we've done for clients.

Fellows & Sons, the renowned watch and jewellery auctioneers in Birmingham

Our client Fellows & Sons were sending out several emails a week to promote various auctions in the coming week. This was a real overhead in terms of e-mail creation, proofing and testing, and everyone got all of the e-mails all of the time. Unsubscribe rates were high, and opens rates dropping.

We worked with them to profile their incoming data using a web form directly integrated to the Silverpop EMS and parsing into their back office system MS Dynamics NAV. We then performed a re-engagement strategy on their existing data and created a single dynamic e-mail template that goes out once a week promoting all of the forthcoming sales. The clever part is that it is a dynamic email, users only ever see the content that matches their profile. So one email build, multiple email versions. One to one targeting.

A full API integration imported the entire bidder history per user from MS Dynamics NAV into Silverpop and we added an algorithm to the API to only show lots from the auction catalogues in the price range most relevant to the prospective bidder. Finally with watch auctions we took it to a new level, and only presented actual lots from the upcoming catalogue that matched bidder history and included a couple of 'wild cards' in every email broadcast.

With the additional automation of a broadcast to all prospective bidders an hour before sale start times pushing them to a live bidding platform we now see upwards of 1500 extra sets of eyes on every sale catalogue. And post auction we deploy win/lose notifications linking to invoices and followed by consignment tracking emails all controlled from the Silverpop Transact platform.

The results were stunning. Open rates soared, unsubscribes are virtually non-existent at less than 0.1% and the marketing team at Fellows have a lot less work to do do deliver their strategy.

If you use MS Dynamics and want to push data into an EMS to perform better email marketing please give us a call.

Nikken Europe, International health and wellness company

Nikken needed a smart email marketing solution to integrate with their products that had guarantees and replacement consumables. They engaged STAR Digital to create a product guarantee registration site based on the Sliverpop Engage email marketing platform. Users that purchased a product would be prompted via the packaging or instructions leaflet to register their product at the web site. All of these details were captured using customised Silverpop Engage Web Forms.

They could then choose their product type and an email would be dispatched to them with their guarantee details. All of the registration dates, and product details are stored in the relational tables and fed through to Nikken back office systems so that customer services can deal with any queries.

The EMS is then programmed to auto email anyone when their product is due a new filter or other replacement part. In addition a quarterly customer focused newsletter is also dispatched to those that opted-in.

The automated email marketing programme covers approx 50 products, growing monthly, and is in 19 different language versions. It requires no human intervention once tested and is helping to drive trust and incremental revenue for the company across Europe.

A live integration to Magento is being developed for the customer so that they can create guarantee and add the customer to the EMS automatically and should be launching Q2 2013. If you have an idea for an automated email marketing programme please give us a call to discuss.

Bulk Powders, a European leader in protein based sports nutrition products

Bulk Powders, part of the Sports Supplements Ltd stable, have a Magento Enterprise store and were using one to many e-mail broadcasts to drive additional revenue through their site. Email marketing open rates were very low and the revenue per e-mail not where they needed it to be.

STAR digital developed a full API module for Magento that talks in real time to the Silverpop EMS and stores all customer details and order information in a relational table. This allows us to report on customer purchasing habits and means that the right e-mail marketing message goes to the right person at the right time. We also added propensity scoring fields so that we could see the number of emails opened over a certain time, and this combined with relational queries looking at product buy habits, and recency and frequency of spend is enabling us to partner with the client to develop better campaigns that deliver on their customer wants and needs.

Combine this with a recent re-engagement profile and an intelligent on-site sign up centre that profiles a users training habits to a fairly deep level and stores them in the database and you can see why the open rate is up, and the revenue per e-mail is now strong and consistent.

If you are running Magento and use e-mail marketing you should arrange to talk with us about how our Silverpop Magento Integration can help you to gather deep intelligence on your customers, enabling you to deliver smart e-mail marketing strategies.


Email template design & build services

If you run a different e-mail platform but just need some great looking well constructed creative, or an agency to help you re-invigorate your email marketing campaigns and landing page strategy we are happy to talk with you as part of the process.

If you have questions that you'd like answered about e-mail marketing strategy and execution, automated marketing programmes or the Silverpop Engage platform please call STAR Digital on 01604 696385.


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