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Evohome Heating Control System

EvoHome is a sophisticated energy saving central heating system developed and marketed by Honeywell.

Honeywell approached Star Digital to come up with a clever way of showing consumers how the system worked via a web app simulator, and system builder web application that could walk a user through specifying the product for their own home.

The system needed to be developed in several language versions and configurations. Lead time for development of the project was extremely tight. A prototype for the UK market was needed in under 4 weeks!

What We Did

Our Strategy

Star Digital decided to build out the simulator using javascript to show typical preset scenarios through the day based on ‘personas’ of typical users. The idea was to show how a typical house could be temperature controlled room by room.

You can use a version of the simulator below for yourselves;

We then brainstormed a smart solution for the configuration web app that allowed users to specify the system easily and quickly. We chose to use the Backbone.js technology as this meant we could easily scale the project across different markets and configurations.

All user information entered into the web application is stored anonymously in a database behind the application, and the choices made by the user are kept visible throughout their journey, allowing them to step back and forth to change configurations if required.

At the end of the process the web application displays potential energy savings and produces a bill of materials for the product configuration that is presented in a personalized PDF file. The user can then enter their postcode to find the nearest fitter to their location who is qualified to fit the product.

Try out the web application for yourself below;

Finally Honeywell asked Star Digital to create a marketing dashboard for their internal sales teams to use and monitor that would report on the anonymous data in the web application combined with data from Google Analytics. The resultant ‘mashup’ is shown below.

The Technology

What We Used To Make It Happen















The Results

How Well Did We Do?

The combination of visualiser and configurator for EvoHome was launched in a heavily advertised microsite using national international press and since launch has driven thousands of qualified leads.

The continued rollouts internationally include Germany, Belgium, France and Italy with more to follow.

The tools were very well received by trade and public alike, and the system builder was recognised by Honeywell as one of the best web solutions of the year.

Star Digital continue to work with the Honeywell EMEA team on similar projects, having provided solutions for the LED lighting and Astral automated lighting teams.