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Magento 2 is now in full release and Star Digital are Magento 2 trained solution partners that can deliver upgrade experiences and new builds for clients in both Enterprise (EE) and Community (CE) versions.

All new efficient web API's have been introduced with a focus on integration to external ERP, PIM and OMS applications.

The introduction of fully responsive blank and styled themes (LUMA) make the development of front end styles fast and cost effective. The option for fully bespoke theming is still an option.

The improved checkout process allows for fast completion of orders, and for high volume merchants there are options to suspend inventory updating to allow acceptance of all orders at peak times.

Magento 2 page load times are typically 50% faster than those seen in Magento 1 and Magento 2 has a much simpler integration with Varnish 3.x/4.x. Our Magento hosting partners Nexcess have ready to go servers optimised for the new platform for both CE/EE versions.

Another major change in Magento 2 designed to give merchants a competitive edge is the all new admin tool.

This is now fully responsive with a much simpler menu structure, draggable columns, filtering on attributes and the ability to define your product views and save them. This empowers merchandisers and marketers to manage their listings, and for digital teams to easily create views for their campaigns.

Managing products is now far more intuitive with the introduction of a new configurable product tool and the ability to apply bulk edits to entire ranges of products with one click based on attributes or category. In addition there are now product review and approval processes available.

The much improved import/export tools have been designed to allow import of upsell, cross sell, multi custom options and multiple images. Tests have shown 200K SKU uploads in 20 minutes.

Overall the Magento 2 digital commerce platform is an exciting proposition. With all of our solutions experts and developers based in the Northampton office you can be sure of a prompt response.

So if you want to find out more, or share an RFP with us please use the form at the foot of the page or call us on 01604 696385.

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  • APIs to integrate with legacy and best of breed solutions
  • Cost-effective custom extensions, APIs, and development

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