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Omni Channel Marketing Campaign

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Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign

QPI Legal are a leading independent B2B insurance broker. Star Digital delivered a strategic workshop for them to develop an omnichannel marketing campaign with maximum targeted reach for the fixed renewal season relating to solicitors indemnity insurance. This small window of opportunity represents the largest annual income potential for the business and has to be as effective as possible.

The fully integrated campaign was drawn up to include brand design for direct mail and web site, banner and MPU ads, email marketing and landing page campaigns to support paid search with a full dashboard of campaign reporting.

Star Digital worked with QPI to apply a fast design update to their WordPress brand web site to include a fully mobile responsive experience.

The entire campaign had to be delivered ready for the banner and MPU takeover of the Law Society web site within 6 weeks of brief.

QPI Legal
QPI Print Showcase

Campaign Execution

The Details

The tactics for the campaign were planned to the last detail. The campaign team at Star Digital included designers, marketers and digital planners to make sure all assets were properly constructed and supplied to the relevant media partners on time. The assets produced included;

  • A direct mail desk calendar with a twelve-week countdown, designed to remind Solicitors of their indemnity insurance obligations in each week running up to the all important rental date.
  • An automated eight week lead generating and nurturing email campaign programme linked to key points in the twelve-week countdown calendar. The object being to provide cognitive resonance to the direct mail campaign, and to reach those that did not open/receive the calendar.
  • Google+ and LinkedIn pages with regular updates to encourage followers and drive interaction with the wider campaign. With new prospects being added to the email marketing programme at the appropriate point at the time they sign up.
  • Print advertising following the same theme placed in the Law Society Gazette throughout the duration of the campaign.
  • Rich media online banner and skyscraper advertising designs with animation for use on various digital media sites throughout the campaign.
  • Optimised Landing pages focussed on delivering conversions throughout the campaign for print, banner, email and paid search mechanics.
  • Joined up reporting of all marketing channels throughout the campaign.

Star Digital ensured that the schedule was adhered to and all elements were prepared and approved before being made live. We used a visual and eye-catching design to grab attention and incorporated tracking code within all aspects of the campaign in order to track and measure the campaigns effectiveness of bringing in traffic to the site.

The web design we produced provided a better user experience for all customers. This redesign included the ability to navigate throughout the site easier. The goal was to create a visually stimulating informative site with a better user journey for any type of device.

QPI Legal

Below are two examples of animated MPUs that QPI used as part of their campaign to drive traffic to their website!

Niche Practice, Niche Broker
Disappointed with your renewal terms?

The Technology

What We Used To Make It Happen













Print Design




The Results

What Were The Outcomes?

Overall the campaign proved a great success with the target for identity insurance renewals exceeded.

One big improvement that will continue to deliver post campaign for QPI is the reworked WordPress web site. Looking at the analytics a month after launch the following interesting facts were identified:


The number of pages being viewed per session increased by 38%.

Sworders results

The average session duration increased by 14%.


There was an increase in device usage. Mobile and Tablet usage increased by 15% and 14% respectively.


The bounce rate decreased by 11% for Mobile and 10% for Tablets.


There was also an increase of 23% for new users on Mobile devices.

The above highlights the effect the redesign has had on the responsiveness of the site and the positive impact that this can have.

What Have They Said

Client Feedback

Star created a multifaceted marketing campaign for QPI Legal which included printed desk top spiral bound calendars, printed newspaper adverts, emails and a full website redesign. There were very short timescales to deliver the campaign but Star were organised with their project management tool to make sure that each part of the project was delivered before the deadline allowing for alterations to be made for the drafts. The Star team were on hand whenever we needed them, they came up with some creative ideas when we were struggling.

- Laura Thorne, QPI Legal