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The Power Of SEO

SEO is the process of generating online traffic from the free, organic and natural search results on search engines when users type in relevant keywords. You can have a great looking well constructed responsive web site, but if there is no search strategy it is unlikely you will achieve the desired levels of relevant traffic and leads conversion.

Google, Bing and Yahoo create search results based on the search term typed into the search engine. Web pages and other content are then displayed. These are ranked on what the search engine considers as most the relevant.

SEO is driven by ever-changing algorithms. It takes structure, thorough understanding and knowledge to create an SEO strategy that continually delivers on your business objectives.

As SEO evolves we are seeing Google move from indexing content and links towards a more semantic approach to search including entity, attributes and values through the use of rich snippets in content. Combine this with the importance of mobile users, geographic relevance and voice- controlled search and you can see that search engine optimisation is evolving quickly.

The digital marketing team here at Star Digital know exactly how to help you climb up through the natural rankings, to out-perform the competition and keep ahead of the complex and exhaustive algorithms. We use a combination of tools, programming and experience to deliver results.


Organic traffic to the site has increased by 48% since launch (9 months)

Pre launch: 9,195
Post launch: 13,691

The SEO Process

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It all begins with analysing Keyword trends relevant to your business using competitive benchmarking reports to determine search engine rankings. The process is followed whether you have a new web site build or an established site that is not doing well. Our SEO team will work with you to establish targets for your SEO to deliver the correct ROI, and budgets will be set accordingly.

The next step is known as on-page optimisation; we will work to ensure your site is optimised for the various mechanics that determine best practice SEO. Our SEO team will work with our in-house web development team to make the necessary changes to your web assets,to include content optimisation, product feeds and authoritative relevant backlinks to ensure optimum site performance.

The entire process is underpinned by customised SEO reporting. Presented in jargon free plain English our reports will make sure that you can see progress, opportunities, threats and weaknesses as you progress into your SEO strategy. To find out more call us today.

Case Studies

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Solid Wood Flooring Company

Magento commerce with complete Digital Marketing strategy, content marketing, paid search marketing and lead generation.

Solid Wood Flooring Company Case Study Solid Wood Flooring Company Website
3D Sports

Magento build with responsive redesign on two store fronts with digital marketing including SEO, PPC and Content Marketing Services.

3D Sports Case Study 3D Sports Website

A Google Partner Agency

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As a Google Partner agency we have direct contact with Google for search trend insight on different business verticals, and now offer our clients full re-marketing services not only in standard search and display but also via email marketing.

In addition, we offer a full Google Analytics (GA) optimisation service. we can work with clients to define what the important customer journeys are, what actions are important, and then configure them within the Google Analytics environment. Tracking actions such as downloads, video views, button clicks, recording values, and defining optimum conversion rate optimisation routes (CRO) are key to our offering.

We offer clients reporting on mobile vs desktop traffic performance, third party ad success, email marketing statistics, conversion statistics from all channels in e-commerce, and we can also set up tracking is iOS mobile apps.

Our digital marketing team can work with you to integrate data from various sources and create marketing dashboards allowing you to research key metrics such as recency, frequency, monetary analysis (RFM) and lifetime value for your client base (LTV). We can analyse big data to prepare propensity scoring allowing you to better target email and other push marketing initiatives such as digital direct mail and social posting.