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The Solid Wood Flooring Company had a high spend on paid search marketing with Google Adwords and the return on investment measured as leads generated was not performing as desired. They challenged Star Digital to reduce their ad spend whilst maintain gin or increasing leads generated for the same budget. Star Digital halved the ad spend and increased the leads in under 6 weeks!

SWF then asked Star Digital to take over management of their entire digital marketing strategy to include SEO, content marketing, paid search marketing, email marketing, social media,copy writing and affiliate work.

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What We Did

Our Strategy

Star Digital embraced the project and assigned a dedicated digital marketing executive to manage all aspects of the project building a one-to-one relationship with the client in order to provide the best customer service possible.

This includes daily management of the Adwords account, frequent creation of relevant and trending blog posts shared on on social media platforms. Copy is written as and when required for all digital marketing platforms. Email campaigns are designed, built, sent and tracked and regular reports are put together to report on ranking in search against key competitors.

Star Digital also maintain a number of information portals for the client and manage content in other online media sites such as Houzz, Riba and NBS Plus.

The Technology

What We Used To Make It Happen











The Results

How Well Did We Do?

The digital marketing strategy and execution is paying dividends. Trade focussed leads are up and converting, with the client signing many new contracts in 2015.

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Between May-August of 2014 sample orders stood at 647; comparing this to the same period in 2015 shows an increase of 33% to 859.

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Paid search spend has also decreased by 42% since Star Digital took over the management of the Adwords account.

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SEO traffic increased dramatically by 299% compared to the same period 12 months ago. Google referrals are up to 319 from just 80 for the same period in the previous year.

What Have They Said

Client Feedback

Star Digital are by far the best web agency I have come across in 12 years from web design to understanding the business and working within budgets and assisting in reducing online advertising costs. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. The best in class.
- Martyn Ryder, The Solid Wood Company