iPhone and iPad Development at Star Digital

Well we said we would get into app development. it’s a natural progression for us as digital marketers and web developers. James Bache, who looks after the Page Flip brand over here at STAR Digital hooked up with Xerox, one of his clients to produce an app for MK Electric, part of the Honeywell group of companies. The goal, to produce an app that allowed Distributors to search and view tech spec for their quite frankly enormous product range using an iPhone or iPad. James got under the bonnet of Xcode with the developers and they produced a great looking, smooth functioning app and got it listed on the app store. Whole process start to finish, 3 months. Done. Since then we’ve started work on quite a few more, and the next one to launch is actually part of a Chinese initiative called ‘The Charitarian’ and we are producing a magazine app for them for the iPhone and iPad that allows them to easily and cost effectively add their quarterly magazine covering Corporate Social Responsibility in China to the app. That will be launching soon, and if you want to get into the iPad publishing market give James a shout, he’s really motoring with iPad Magazine Publishing apps now.

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