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You may or may not know Mike Nash, author of the Health & Wellness book Aggressive Health, but this guy is a bit of a personality in the wellness world, and walks the talk. We’ve been working with Mike for a few years now helping him with his digital strategy, and his ecommerce. Until recently he was using ePages, which in fairness was a great estore package for its day (3 yrs ago) but since we’ve started working with Magento, we’ve been transferring clients across at the earliest opportunity. Well anyway, I had a chat with mike and mentioned this Magento thing, and he said ‘OK, sounds interesting’ can you do me a demo? Knowing that Mike likes to ‘get under the bonnet’ I said ‘I’ll go one better, I’ll put you a complete install on one our servers for you to play with’. Well Mike went nuts!!! Get me on this platform now! I need this in my life! So we transferred the product catalogue out of epages into Magento and we set to work to create a pleasing CSS structure for the template. Mike worked with our lead Magento developer Jake Rudkin-Wilson, and boy did they work, (Jake’s a fitness freak too, so they had a lot in common!) sometimes Mike was mailing me at like 3 in the morning with questions, ‘Can it do this, can it do that?’¬† and I’d be like ‘Yep, plugin for that, we can code that in, bit of PHP work here and there, couple of tweaks to mySQL, and in no time, and I’m talking 5 weeks end to end we launch the new Aggressive Health Shop web site, and wow! Its doing brisk business with its one page checkout plugin and social bookmarking facilities. Mike phoned me yesterday and said, ‘I am totally delighted with this Magento store Roj, its completely surpassed my expectations, only problem is I’m working 24/7 to deal with ther uplift in orders!’. I said ‘Nice problem to have!’ Good luck Mike, you are a Magento evangalist and we love it!!! Check out the Aggressive Health Shop site yourself here, some of the products on here are awesome!

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  1. Guys, if I was a spoilt little girl who said “daddy daddy I want this, I want that and I want it now”… then you guys were THE DADDY that gave me exactly what I want! Many thanks!!

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