Impact of Mobile (Specifically iOS on our Web Stats)

The team at Star Digital have recently been crazy with enquiries for iPhone and iPad app development following the successful launch of the MK Electric app and the impending Charitarian magazine app. Over a cup of tea and rare chance for all of the team to get some thinking time we discussed the forthcoming impact on web statistics now that iPhone is mainstream and decided to do a bit of digging. What we found surprised us all. For the iPhone in the last week we’ve seen that it represents 6.8% of all traffic to the STAR Digital website, with approx 3% of that coming via the use of search! And this on a B2B site, albeit a technically focussed one. So we got to thinking about ecommerce sites, and we looked at the Aggressive Health Shop as an example. We knew this site worked in iOS nicely and gets a reasonable amount of daily uniques. Here we saw a mixture of iOS, Android and Blackberry use, but the overall mobile usage only represented 2.51% with 2.05% being iOS. Less than we expected, but still in terms of numbers a leap on the last time we looked when it was 0.5%. And here’s the thing, the traffic from the iPhone is good quality, it has a comparable page view rate and dwell time. And here’s the really exciting news. With Magento one Step Checkout enabled we can see that the site received orders via iPhone and iPad with a far higher conversion rate that normal traffic. So it would appear on early investigation that whilst the traffic numbers are low, the conversion to action propensity is high. What did surprise us is the low volume of Android usage as other marketing reports are citing massive growth and hyping this OS in the market. I think it will be interesting to see how things bed down after Christmas when a plethora of new devices start to be used. The iPad isn’t really showing any cut-through in traffic at the moment, but my gut feel is that this is about to change. We’ll report back on trending early in February. Right now I know one thing, you’d better start working on your web site strategies to make sure they work on Apple mobile devices! Especially you ecommerce experts, you could be missing out on an exceptional revenue stream as the demographic of that user base appears to have disposable income and gets technology!

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