STAR’s 2013 Digital Marketing Year in Review

2013 was another year full of change and challenges within digital marketing. Google made our lives as SEOs trickier, mobile usage continued to soar and content marketing really came into its own. In this blog post we review the online marketing changes we faced in 2013, and what we can take from them, so they can successfully form part of your digital marketing strategy in the coming year. Everyone Needs a Content Strategy 2013 appeared to be the year for content marketing. Businesses reported a 300% increase in ROI on content marketing, and companies dedicated even more of their marketing budgets towards content creation, development and distribution. With numbers like that, content marketing shouldn’t be ignored. Having a good content marketing strategy in place can help your business in numerous ways. It can drive more traffic to your website, it can improve the online customer journey and it plays a big part in an SEO campaign. Mobile Got Even Bigger  2013 saw mobile website traffic increase again! Your online strategy must consider users searching on their mobile devices. Google has admitted to looking more favourably upon websites that provide a good mobile user experience. At STAR we’re advocates of responsive websites, these are websites that automatically adjust depending on the device you are viewing them on, providing a seamless user experience. Not only did mobile website traffic increase generally in 2013, the number of people viewing emails in mobile browsers increased significantly. Over the last six months alone the rate of people opening emails on smart phones and tablets increased by 80%*. Google Encrypts Organic Search Queries This change caused uproar in September 2013, and it’s no wonder! The change means SEOs are not able to see the search queries driving organic traffic to a website. This change does make life more difficult, but there are ways and techniques to avoid being hit too hard by this one. If you would like to discuss these challenges in more detail, or if you’d like to talk to us about your 2014 digital marketing strategy, email *Find more interesting stats on mobile and email here

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