Look Out for These Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

Following on from our post on Thursday, where we looked back at the digital marketing challenges we faced in 2013, we’re now looking ahead to this year. We think 2014 will be about continuing to target people on the go, and on the ever-increasing array of social channels. We think personalisation is going to become key, if it’s not already, and we’re sure content will continue to be king. We’ve explored each of our predictions in more detail below. We’ve considered what they mean to you and your business, and why considering them will drive your conversions up. Mobile If you’re not already considering mobile searchers, then you’re missing a major trick. The number of people searching on Google, reading emails and using APPs on mobile devices is increasing every month. In fact the recent land grab towards mobile browsing could see the number of users on mobile overtake desktop by the end of 2014. In order to make the most of mobile searchers, who are ready to buy from you and call you, you need to make sure your website is in shape. Responsive websites are most often the best bet for businesses as they provide a great user experience. Once your website is in shape you can start to do more to drive mobile traffic to it. We’ve recently helped two of our clients by building fully responsive ecommerce stores on the Magento platform. All new quotes are being supplied with responsive included as an option for 2014.
Magic Shine Responsive Website
STAR has recently delivered the fully responsive Magic Shine website
Social The power of social continues to increase, and audiences are becoming more and more empowered on social channels, and your strategy needs to consider this. Having a good handle on your brand, and what’s being said about it online, is paramount. Consider review sites, as well as the more obvious channels like Facebook, when keeping brand mentions in check! If you do get negative feedback consider your response carefully. Being helpful and understanding is better than issuing a standard response, and hopefully won’t mean the relationship with your customer becomes damaged beyond repair. Personalisation As we use our mobile devices more, and remain logged into websites, it’s likely marketers and website publishers will do all they can to present a personalised experience to the user. This experience could stretch to showing a person certain product categories if its been ascertained they are interested in them, or it could be as simple as segmenting your emails more. Either way, if you give people what they want the likelihood of them converting increases. STAR Digital are a Silverpop sure agency partner, and we use the behavioral marketing engine to serve up personalised content based on browser behavior for a number of clients. We also serve up one-to-one email marketing campaigns that look at previous user behavior and send highly targeted creative based on recency, frequency and monetisation (RFM) as well as lifetime values (LTV).  Content With the changes Google have been making to its algorithm over recent years, you can’t ignore the need for a well thought out content strategy. A content strategy could cover everything from your blog, to going as far as publishing an ebook. By making sure your site has everything your visitors could ever ask for will help conversion (and please Google). If you’d like a hand with your 2014 digital strategy, then drop us an email, we’d love to help you and your business go further.  

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