Star Digital’s Developers Get Magento Certification

A few months ago, in October 2013, three of the developers at STAR Digital were awarded Magento Certified Developer status. Magento certification is no easy feat to achieve, and being awarded it is representative of the amount of Magento experience and knowledge the STAR Digital team has. In order to achieve Magento certification, developers have to study the principles of the Magento ecommerce architecture and evidence their competence by taking an exam under strict supervised conditions at an approved exam centre. Jake, Scott and Callum, the first of our developers to sit the exams, all have years’ worth of Magento experience between them, and yet they all studied for months before taking the exam.

STAR Digital’s Developers Get Magento Certification

At STAR Digital we know how important it is for everyone to keep pushing themselves and their own learning, but we also know it’s vital for clients, and prospective clients, to feel they are working with an agency that is 100% competent and knowledgeable. With team members achieving Magento Developer status, coupled with STAR Digital being a recognised Magento Silver Partner, we believe it helps with that reassurance. Are you looking for a new or updated ecommerce website? If you are, talk to us at STAR Digital. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your new website is in the very capable hands of our experienced, and certified Magento developers.  

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