Does My Business Really Need a Responsive Website?

The simple answer is “Yes”. At STAR we’ve been advocates of responsive websites for a long time. We know they’re a great fit for pretty much every business, and with mobile set to get even bigger in 2014, having one seems like a no brainer.
STAR has recently delivered the fully responsive Magic Shine website
STAR has recently delivered the fully responsive Magic Shine website
If you’re wondering what the benefits of responsive websites are, then take a look at today’s blog post… Responsive Websites Provide an Excellent User Experience (Meaning More Sales) We all know how frustrating it can be when viewing a website that has not been optimised for mobile on a smart phone or tablet device. All that pinching, zooming and swiping means we often leave the site feeling annoyed, and having not done anything. Having a responsive website means that no matter what device a site is being viewed on, it resizes accordingly to deliver the best viewing and user experience. Providing a better mobile experience for your website users can lead to higher conversion rates to lead or sale, as fewer people will leave due to it being difficult to navigate. Responsive Sites Are Easier to Manage Having a responsive website is not only less of headache for users, it is also less work for those managing it. If you choose to have a mobile website and a desktop site, you effectively have two sites to manage. This means every time you want to change something, or add something, you’ll have to do it twice. The beauty of a responsive site is that you only need to make changes and additions once. SEO is Easier and More Successful with Responsive Websites Responsive web design makes SEO easier as you simply have one URL. There is no risk of SEO power being split across two domains, and there’s no risk of duplicate content where pages with the same content are served at multiple URLs. It is worth noting that in the summer Google took a strong stance on mobile, stating if  mobile site redirects were not set up correctly, or sites did not offer the best user experience, then rankings could be affected. 2014 is tipped to be the year that mobile internet usage outweighs desktop, and with shifts like this on the horizon, your site needs to be mobile-ready. If you’d like to talk to us about a responsive site then give us a call!  

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