Honeywell’s advanced heating control system, evohome, which allows users to control the temperature in up to 12 rooms of their home, launched in the autumn of 2013. In conjunction with this STAR Digital recently launched the evohome Simulator and the evohome System Builder to help potential customers understand how the system works and what it is likely to cost.

The two web apps developed by STAR Digital were done so with the aim of making evohome’s products and systems accessible – for both consumers and installers alike. The System Builder and Simulator needed to make the process of fact-finding simple, and they needed to give people an insight into what evohome can really do.

The System Builder web app had to allow users to estimate the products, and the quantity of products, needed to work with the evohome heating system.  Prior to the launch of the System Builder this process of working out what products were needed for individual cases was a lengthy and intensive one, but now anyone can use the Builder to produce a detailed quote at their leisure, whether on their computer or tablet device.

The evohome Simulator web app had a different purpose; this needed to demonstrate how innovative and easy to use evohome is. The Simulator had to demonstrate the functionality possible with the evohome heating system – such as changing the temperature in different rooms, or the time of day the heating should switch on.

As well as allowing the user to interact directly with a simulator of the wireless heating control device, there are a number of preset scenarios that can be played out on the screen. The entire set up was built using HTML5 and JavaScript to make sure it was compatible with mobile devices.

The results of the development and design project were two stunning tools that utilised the STAR team’s digital expertise, and acknowledgement of web best practice, as well as demonstrating the ability to understand a business’s needs and translate them into something customer-facing, usable and functional.

Here is the evohome System Builder in action:

The Honeywell evohome System Builder in Action
Here a few snapshots of the System Builder in action.

We are able to monitor engagement levels throughout the different steps of the System Builder using Google Analytics Goal tracking. Having the goal funnel provides the means to visualise how people move through the tool which means we can see at each stage of the System Builder how many people are clicking through to the next question and how many people drop out.

Here is the evohome Simulator in action:

Evohome Simulator in Action
Here is a glimpse into the beautifully designed evohome Simulator looks like

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