Getting Started with Content Marketing: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Content marketing was one of the hottest buzz-phrases of 2013 (and 2012); it was the talk of the online marketing world and there is no sign of its success or power slowing down. In this blog post we explain what content marketing is and why your business needs it. Content Marketing – What Is It? It’s difficult to define content marketing succinctly as it encompasses such a lot, but in short it is the process of creating, publishing and sharing content that is useful, relevant and engaging to both customers and potential customers. In the digital world a content marketing strategy would be devised with the aim of delivering a number of objectives that might include:
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase website conversion rates
  • More brand awareness
  • Help SEO
  • Help customers

Content Marketing - How It Can Help Your Business

  What Is ‘Content’? ‘Content’ isn’t just words on a web page, it can be anything and everything from image galleries to FAQs or reviews to videos. This ‘content’ will most frequently sit on your website, however it may sit on other sites such as YouTube or external review sites. Why Content Is So Important To Your Business Content marketing should be an essential part of any digital marketing plan nowadays. It plays a very important role in supporting a number of strategies, some of which we have detailed below: SEO Updates to Google’s algorithms over the last few years have shown how important good website content is, and anyone with thin website content is likely to suffer in coming years if they’re not already. Having plenty of content on your website surrounding the products and services you sell can also help your site to rank in search engines for more non-brand search phrases. Users and Conversion Rates We can’t argue that shopping online is convenient, but sometimes buying online can be difficult. It can be a struggle to find out what materials products are made out of, or to know if the product quality is any good, or how to care for a product once you have it. If a website has plenty of information such as in-depth product descriptions, and aftercare advice, the user is likely to have a better and more reassured shopping experience. This kind of supported shopping experience comes from excellent website content that has the shopper/customer in mind the whole time. Long Term Brand Awareness Rich content that is relevant to your target audience will keep them engaged pre, during and post-sale. This means along the customer conversion journey your brand is in the right place. Plus, if your brand remains in people’s minds weeks, or even months, after a sale through excellent content, then when said customers need the products you sell again, they are more likely to think of your brand. If you’re wondering what part content marketing can play in delivering your online objectives then why not get in touch?  

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