5 Things You Need on Your Ecommerce Product Page

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to creating or optimising product pages on an ecommerce site. There is an absolute wealth of information out there on improving product page conversion rates and battling through it may not only be daunting, but it will also be time consuming. To save you the time and trouble we have listed five essential things you should include on your ecommerce product pages to give them the best chance of converting… 1. Plenty of High Quality Images Ensuring you have plenty of high quality product images on your product page is a must. Buying online can be tricky and providing a lot of images can help distill any uncertainty and answer questions. Providing images of your products from all angles is good practice and showing products in use can provide some much needed context. The quality of the images is also important – there is little point providing the ability to ‘zoom in’ on a pixelated image. Low quality images may also suggest a low quality product. 2. In Depth Product Descriptions We know we may sound like a broken record as we discussed in depth product descriptions as part of a content marketing strategy in an earlier blog post, but having exceptional product information is very important. The chances are you know your customers better than anyone else, you know what questions they ask, what information they need before buying – so why not get all of that knowledge down, in a clear and logical way, and work it into your product descriptions/product information? 3. Reviews When buying online people like the added reassurance that product reviews bring. Having plenty of reviews on your product pages can make or break a purchase. Remember to keep an eye on the reviews your products receive. If a particular product keeps getting low ratings, understand why and tackle the problem at hand as reviews work both ways; good ones can mean more purchases, and poor ones can put people off buying altogether. 4. Clear Shipping, Delivery and Returns Information There is nothing worse than finding what looks the ideal buy to then have to struggle to work out when it will arrive at your door and how much that will cost you. Make sure your delivery costs and information is easy to find on your product pages. If you hide it away you risk losing people to other areas of your site, or you could find people move into the checkout solely to find out delivery info and pricing – this is a problem as it will make your checkout look like it has a high bounce rate. It’s also very important to make sure your returns policy is easy to see and understand. People want reassurance that if their product arrives and it’s the wrong size they can easily swap it – and it’s important for them to know the timeframes they have to do this in. 5. Clear Call to Action Having provided your potential customers with quality images, in depth product descriptions, plenty of good reviews and clear shipping information, they are probably about ready to buy. Make it easy for them to do so by simply making sure your call to action button stands out and is easy to find. You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes having a call to action that stands out compared to one that blends in with everything else on the product page. If you’d like some support with your ecommerce product pages – whether you’re looking at building new ones or you’re trying to get a better performance out of your current ones – why not get in touch?  

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