Five Ways Reviews Help Your Online Presence

If you’ve spoken to us recently about SEO or improving conversion rates it’s very likely we’ve mentioned increasing the number of online reviews your product and brand receives. In today’s blog post we list five ways in which reviews can help your online business fly… Customer Confidence This is the obvious one, but we have to mention it because it’s so important! Having reviews on and off your website will do wonders for instilling trust in potential customers (assuming they’re good). If a customer is a nervous shopper, or is not familiar with your brand, having a host of positive reviews may reassure them enough to lead to a purchase. Better Looking Google Rankings If your site has lots of reviews then some relatively simple changes to the code could see your star ratings feature as part of your organic listings. A website with a good star rating in amongst other organic listings where there are no star ratings will mean you’re more likely to win the click: Star Ratings as Part of Organic Listings   Better Local SEO Local SEO can be particularly competitive, and having a good number of recent reviews on your Google Places listing will help you achieve a better position. Google aims to serve up not just relevant results, but results that contain websites that are going to offer a good user experience: Reviews in Google Places for Better Local SEO   You’ll Find Things Out You Never Knew A lot can be learnt from both good and bad reviews. You may find a customer highlights a really key feature in a product review on your site, and you may think the information is actually really useful and therefore worth working into the product description so it can help others. Alternatively, poor reviews can highlight problems with call wait times or a delivery service provider. Either way, we would always recommend reviewing product and brand reviews very regularly. PPC Star Ratings Having 30 or more good reviews over the last 12 months on a site like TrustPilot or Feefo will mean your PPC ads become eligible for seller rating extensions (star ratings as part of your PPC ad text). Having stars in your PPC ads will instantly give a good impression of your brand and it will help boost your click through rate: Seller Ratings as Part of PPC Ad Text If you’d like some advice on how you can start to generate more online reviews, and how you can make the most of the benefits they bring, then why not get in touch as we can help.    

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