Reclaim Lost Visitors and Missed Sales with Retargeting

We are all aware that not everyone who reaches a website converts, in fact we’re lucky if we get just a few percent of visitors to convert, but are those who leave without converting lost forever? The honest answer is “yes, some of them will be, but not all of them”. If you want to recapture some of that ‘lost’ traffic you should consider remarketing as a means of getting that highly interested traffic back. How Remarketing Works Remarketing works by using a combination of tracking code and cookies. This code and cookie combo lets you track the people on your site who don’t convert. You can put these non-converters into a ‘pot’ (so-to-speak), and you can show them your ads as they move around the web. Showing them the products they’ve recently viewed will hopefully drive them back to your site where hopefully they complete their purchase.

Google Image Explaining Retargeting

Does Remarketing Work? Remarketing, if set up correctly, can deliver excellent results with very high conversion rates. When first starting a retargeting campaign it will be a case of figuring out what works for you. Ads will need to be tested, and you will find certain websites just don’t deliver, you may also discover showing people ads within 12 hours of them leaving your site works better than showing them within 24 hours and so on. Here at Star Digital we can set up and manage your remarketing campaigns. Our in house design team can develop beautiful creatives, and our digital marketing team can test, optimise and refine your campaigns so they drive the best sales results. If you’d like some support or advice then why not get in touch with us?  

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