Spring Clean Your PPC Account

We can’t believe it’s April already, and with the landing of spring we thought we’d give you five ways in which you can spring clean your PPC account. Review Ad Text Performance Take a look at the performance of your ad text over recent weeks to see if you can find some room for improvement. Keep your eyes peeled for ads with good click through rates and good conversion rates. Review these ads to see what it is that is driving the good results and see if you can replicate this in the other ads across your PPC account. Check Your Search Query Report Run a search query report as a way of seeing if there are irrelevant searches that are leading to impressions in your PPC account. Consider adding negative keywords to your account as a means of reducing irrelevant ad impressions, doing this will mean you get better quality scores and click through rates, which can mean you pay less for clicks. Look at Keywords with No Conversions Keep a close eye on your keyword performance and watch out for keywords that continually get clicks but that do not lead to conversions. If these keywords do not play a part in a conversion path then pause them as a means of reducing your ad spends and improving your ROI. Check Your Campaign Settings Sometimes, especially when a PPC account has been running for years, the campaign settings are overlooked. It is worth reviewing your settings a couple of times a year to make sure you’re happy. Checking the biggies like country and location targeting is worth doing, but it is also worth reviewing your ad display settings and ad scheduling. For example, have your open hours changed in recent months? If they have check your ad scheduling reflects these changes. Check Partner/Placement Performance Review the Display Network tab in your AdWords account and select Placements to see a list of websites your ads have been shown on (this report is only applicable if you’re running display network campaigns). Keep an eye out for placements that have no conversions but high costs and clicks. In these instances you may want to review the site and consider either blocking the placement or reducing the max CPC  for the offending placement in particular. If you’d like a review of your PPC account then why not get in touch with us? STAR Digital is a Google Partner, and we would be happy to make and implement some PPC account optimisations – in either AdWords or Bing Ads – to help you get a better ROI from your online advertising.  

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