Make Your SEO Listings Stand Out with Schema Markup

You may have noticed some listings in the organic results include a variety different stand-out elements such as star ratings, images, videos, author information and even dates and times. All of this is thanks to Schema markup. Here are some examples of Schema markup in action:

Schema Markup Examples

You will notice how eye-catching these selected listings are, and how much they probably stand out compared to other regular-looking Google results. If your SEO listing stands out in comparison to others you’re likely to see increased click through rates, which means more organic website visitors and potentially more conversions. To get your website listing to display these stand-out elements you will need to use Schema markup. This is simply code that is added to your website that search engines, like Google and Bing, understand and use to display certain elements in certain ways in the organic results. For example, this beef and ale pie recipe has a number of elements that Google presents nicely thanks to Schema markup. You can see how Google has displayed the star rating and the number of ratings given, the cooking time, the calorie count and of course the mouth-watering picture:

Detailed Schema Example

If we look behind the scenes at the code we can see the Schema mark up in action (around the calorie information in this instance):

Schema Code Example

This may look complicated and a bit technical, but it’s not to us, well it’s not to our developers anyway. We know what a difference this markup could make to our clients’ SEO performance and are therefore bringing it into our new website scopes moving forwards. If you would like some help or advice on Schema markup and how it can help your SEO or your website, then just get in touch.  

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