Four Ways to Reduce Abandoned Baskets

It’s a known fact not everyone who puts something into their basket is going to end up buying, but even a small decrease in the amount of people who abandon their baskets could make a big difference to your bottom line. In today’s post we’ve got four ideas on how you can reduce the number of people who abandon their basket. 1. Make all delivery, returns and pricing information clear If delivery information is not clear at the product or category level it’s likely people will put items into their basket just to find out information, such as the cost of delivery. Avoid this kind of activity, which will skew your basket-to-sale conversion rates, by presenting all necessary information at the right time. Make it easy for people to see how much their item is including VAT, show the cost of delivery and even show returns information, before they add something to their basket. ASOS show they offer free delivery on the product page (and in the basket):

Show delivery costs at the product and category level

  2. Save people’s basket information and make this easy to see If someone is placing items into their basket then make sure you save this for when they come back to the site. Also, remember to make sure the basket is easy to see on your site, doing this means when someone returns they can easily see the basket and the items they were close to buying. On the Diamonds Factory website the shopping bag/basket and its contents are quite hidden along the top of the page:

Make the shopping basket easy to see.

3. Make the checkout easy to use There is nothing more frustrating than having spent a decent amount of time deciding what you want to buy to then only be presented with a tedious checkout/buying process. Asking people to set up new accounts, to remember old passwords, or to fill in endless and unnecessary details will just send people to the hills. At the checkout ask for only the bare necessities, and as for setting up accounts, if you absolutely insist on doing this, make sure it’s easy for people to do so. With our Magento ecommerce sites the One Stop Checkout feature means there is only one page a person needs to complete to make a purchase. This has had great results for our clients that use it.

One stop checkout for fewer abandoned baskets

4. If people leave their basket, get them back For those potential customers that do still leave your site without buying there are ways to get them back to your site. You could consider remarketing to those people who have not bought whilst they view other websites. Alternatively, sending them emails letting them know about the contents still in their basket is another good way to get people back on to your site to buy. The AX Paris remarketing even highlights new customers can get a discount which will also encourage purchases:

Remarketing example for reduced abandoned baskets

    If you’d like some advice and support to get more of your customers buying rather than abandoning their baskets then why not get in touch?