Make your website work for you this Christmas

Christmas is on the way and most of the UK population enjoys the festive season in all its glory: the indulgent food, the extra socialising, a few cheeky drinks at the office party and of course the extra shopping. Consumers enjoy buying presents for others and can always justify spending that little bit more on their loved ones. We think you should get onboard and give them a reason to buy from you… Do you have a fantastic Christmas offer or new product you would like to promote? Use the run-up to the Christmas season to interact with your customers.  Remind them about your fabulous brand and entice them to buy from you. This installment of the Christmas series looks at the reasons behind making your website Christmas-ready and the benefits that this can bring. Have a website that works for you and your customers this Christmas. It is the biggest online shopping days of the year this week on Friday 28th November – Black Friday and Monday 1st December – Cyber Monday. Get your website ready before Black Friday in order to capitalise on your consumers increased spending. Utilise your banners and provide all that extra information that your customers will find useful this time of year. Part Two: Get your website Christmas ready With consumers starting their Christmas shopping as early as September due to wanting to spread the cost of Christmas over as many paydays as possible it is never too early to start thinking about a dedicated your website to Christmas. Reasons behind making your website Christmas-ready:
  • Meet your customer’s expectations. Customers are now used to finding all the information they require in one place, therefore supply all your Christmas information clearly on your website i.e. delivery information, store opening times etc. Do not disappoint them or make their Christmas shopping more complicated by not meeting these simple requirements. Add extra menu items into your navigation so that it is easy to find no matter where it sits on the site. The benefits of this will be making their shopping experience as easy and as straightforward as possible and could result in a boost in your sales.
  • Attract your customer’s attention.  Customer will be interested in your offerings and be willing to engage with your company more so than usual around the Christmas period so making your website Christmas themed will ensure you grab your customer’s attention. The benefits of this will be the ability to hold your customer on your page for longer which could have a helping hand in increasing sales. Also, the duration of time spent on your site is a factor in Google’s algorithms when ranking your website.
  • Provide a selection of products. Customers will be spending more time on your pages and increasing their engagement with your company so ensure you use this opportunity to display your Christmas products or offerings clearly. Emphasise your Christmas gift guides, special product ranges or current promotions and the possibilities of making more sales with each individual will grow.
  • Manipulate the user journey. You will be able to direct your customers from your other marketing campaigns i.e. email, paid search ads or banner ads to the Christmas elements of your website to ensure you have integrated your marketing communications to provide maximum effectiveness. Some content ideas to include on your website could be:
    • Christmas Gift Pages
    • Christmas Gift Guides
    • Christmas opening times
    • Delivery times – last order details
    • Christmas banners.
Performance It is always handy to have Google Analytics tracking across your website, as this is a great facility that will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about your customer’s journey behaviour. You will be able to see which marketing campaigns were the most successful in getting your customer to your website, which items were most popular and even what products generated the most revenue. The information generated can be used time and time again for other special events or used to improve the general performance of your website. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting your website Christmas-ready. We can discuss your business needs and find something that is perfect for you. In the next and last installment of the Christmas series I will be looking ahead into 2015 and offering advice on what you could prepare in your downtime. Keep a look out for it…    

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