Make the most of your downtime.

The start of a new year brings about new hopes and expectations in people, be it renewing that gym membership, embarking on a detox or clearing out old clothes. This should be the same for businesses too. Think about using this post-Christmas quiet period wisely. Star Digital recommends spending the time reviewing the previous year and using the learning outcomes to plan ahead to get the best out of your business and your staff in the New Year. Digital assets It is always a good idea to audit your assets in this downtime, such as your website, SEO or Adwords campaigns. This will ensure they are continuing to deliver on your business objectives or if not, it gives you the perfect opportunity to make any required changes. Much like a running race, by getting your website or online advertising campaigns ready and plans in place ensures it’s good to go for the rest of the year. A clear plan of action with achievable and relevant targets for your business can make all the difference and make 2015 a record-breaking year digitally for your business. Here at Star, we can assist you by giving you advice on auditing your assets and offering suggestions and recommendations in moving forward into the New Year. To make sure that we are in the best position to assist you with your plans for 2015, we continue to develop our skills to ensure we remain capable of offering innovative, functional solutions that meet all of our clients’ needs. As a Google Agency, we have three Google Adwords Certified professionals and four Google Analytics Certified professionals. It is a requirement for any new member of the Digital Marketing Team here at Star to achieve both certifications. The same goes for SilverPop Engage certification for email and automation marketing. We have one fully certified Professional certificated staff member and two more who both have Fundamentals certifications and are currently studying towards the Professional certificate. The work doesn’t stop there, – we have three clients whose websites will launch in January, before we start work on detailed SEO and Adwords campaigns for them. January doesn’t need to leave you feeling blue because your ads aren’t showing on the first page of Google, or your customers keep abandoning their baskets on your ecommerce website. We can help you keep your new digital resolutions.

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