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Is your website mobile friendly yet? Do most visitors to your website visit via their smartphone or tablet? Do you even know? Its absolutely vital that if you haven’t already, that you install Google Analytics onto your web site. It’s really easy to do, just go to and set up an account using your standard Google credentials. You then need to obtain a snippet of code and add it to the <head> area of your web site. If you are using a CMS or Ecommerce package this is generally done via your admin control panel. For static sites and campaign sites you may need to ask your web developers for assistance. Once you have it up and running just go to the Audience> Mobile> Overview section and you should see a screen similar to that shown below.
A snapshot of Google Analytics' Mobile overview
A snapshot of Google Analytics’ Mobile overview
This will show you the split of traffic coming from different platforms. In the case above we can see that over 50% of all traffic is coming from mobile devices. It’s becoming increasingly important to take note of these metrics as Google have announced that from the 21st April 2015, they will be introducing a new ranking factor into their algorithms for search. Mobile Friendliness will become a key ranking factor and Google will favour content that has been optimized for mobile devices when searching via your smartphone or tablet. You can see this change already creeping in when performing searches on Google using a mobile device, there is a label in the result denoting that a site is mobile friendly/ This tells the use that they will have a better experience than when viewing a standard desktop web site. See below.
A picture showing what shows when a search is completed on mobile search
A Snapshot of a mobile search on Google
This algorithm change means any website that is not responsive in design or optimized for mobile could see their hard-fought ranking on search pages get downgraded – you could even disappear from the all-important first page of results. Mobile search has grown exponentially over recent years and the benefits of having a responsive website are clear to see – even more so in a few weeks! A responsive website enables your business to reach potential customers 24/7, and now, it means you can stay highly ranked when it comes to mobile searches. This becomes ever more important when you consider sales completed via mobile are growing at an unprecedented rate – our clients’ Magento ecommerce stores regularly see the majority of their website visits take place on mobile devices. There is one, simple solution to ensure your site doesn’t lose any ranking in mobile search results – get fully optimized for mobile as quickly as you can. Google have given notice that the algorithm will change to favour optimized sites from April 21st of 2015. Here at Star Digital, our team are experts in mobile friendly websites, and if you want to find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01604 696 385.  

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