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Magento 2 training for free has been announced by the Magento U team to help ease the transition from Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 platform for both merchants and developers Four courses have been made available on Magento U – Fundamentals of Magento 2, Core Principles of Magento 2, Managing your Magento Store and Responsive Web Design (RWD) in Magento 2. The courses are all based on Magento Community Edition v2.1.0, which as we discussed in our Magento 2 Reflections blog post, was not the most stable platform. Version updates since the launch of the training could mean some of the elements talked about in the courses may have changed slightly. Those interested in these courses best hurry though, as the courses are only available free of charge until the 31st March. This offer is helping Magento agencies, developers and even clients themselves save up to $1,489!   Magento 2 training courses at Magento U for free!  

Magento 2 Training – Managing your Magento Store

This is the course for merchants, executives and other relevant stakeholders responsible for the day to day running of Magento 2 stores. Over eight units, marketers/merchants learn how to manage and operate a Magento 2 storefront, studying features of the new admin area. The course provides a tour of the admin area, so users can understand product catalogue management, client & audience groups management, tax rules and payments, marketing components, email and reporting. Get started on this course now click here  

Magento 2 Training – Responsive Web Design in Magento 2

This is a two-hour course for front-end developers, all about Magento 2 responsive design and how to design, build or modify themes. The course shows developers how to identify files associated to the design of the site so they can be edited and modified to customer needs. Get started on this course now click here  

Magento 2 Training – Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development

The first available course is for developers, showing the main points of the new Magento 2 infrastructure and how we can modify the code to customise elements to match our clients’ needs. The course also shows how we can work with Magento 2 modules and how to upgrade these modules. We feel this is a great introduction into the new platform and especially useful for our junior developers who don’t have as much experience with Magento. The course consists of six units, taking around 40 hours to complete. Get started on this course now click here  

Magento 2 Training – Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2

Involved in this nine-hour course are three units that delve into the platform even further than the fundamentals course did. Aimed at Magento specialists with experience in a variety of programming languages such as CSS, CCS3, HTML, HTML 5 and to some extent PHP. Our senior developers have been brushing up on their knowledge of Magento 2’s templating system and how to work effectively with elements of every theme. This course has allowed our team to build confidence in modifying theme layouts and the content on web pages. Get started on this course now click here   Our thoughts on the Magento 2 training courses. The web development team here at Star Digital are enrolled and actively taking part in these training courses, while our marketing team are also taking the Managing your Magento Store course. Initial impressions of the video interactive courses are positive as they are thorough and break down the information into manageable chunks. The style of the courses boost learning through interactive elements. Most sections start with a guided explanations and video demonstrations before assessment through questions or small guided tasks. This style does help points stick in the mind and even for seasoned pros, you can learn some nifty new tricks. However, the courses are based as a guide to the whole platform rather than focusing just on the new, interesting bits of Magento 2, so for those experienced in Magento 1, there is a bit of crossover at times, which can slow the process down. Other ways we boost our Magento 2 learning. Here at Star Digital, we feel it is imperative for our staff, especially junior members to receive as much training as possible in all areas. Therefore, each junior developer gets dedicated one-on-one training time with our lead developer each week. This tends to be a full afternoon session, not just the odd 30 mins here and there, where a new task or experience is talked through before being worked on together. We find that helps our team develop good coding practices and often speeds up learning processes Not forgetting the official Magento certifications, which we encourage every developer to undertake. The official certifications add that layer of authority that back up our developers as being experts in the field. The same is true of our marketers who are encouraged to take the full range of Google qualifications. There is also Magento’s official documentation around Magento 2, which we think is very good and we’ve found it has answered many of our questions effectively. This documentation has helped particularly around the architecture changes from Magento 1 to Magento 2. If the official documentation hasn’t got the answers, the Magento developer community usually has, and the Magento stack exchange is the place to go. Even though the learning curve needed to understand Magento 2 has been severe, credit to Magento as it feels they have put effort into helping the developer community come to terms with the changes. Hopefully we will see continued improvement and happier times ahead!    

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