Girl Power – Celebrating International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we decided to profile the amazing women that work here at Star Digital.

Andrea Director

For the past 11 years I have been running Star Digital with my husband Roger. Running a SME has not been easy, but the lessons it has taught me about business and people have been invaluable. I have learnt to identify times when I need to use my head over my heart, but just as crucially when to ‘follow my gut feeling’.

My family mean everything to me. I have three children who do a great job in keeping me motivated but grounded. I can only hope that Roger and I have provided them with solid morals, a good work ethic and the tools to enjoy whatever route they take through life.

I never underestimate the power of a kind act, and try to support local charities by volunteering twice a week. I love fashion and music, I love to sing and attend a choir once a week – it’s a great form of therapy!

I am proud of the work we do at Star Digital, and full of respect for our team and am often humbled by their amazing talents.

Fran Digital Designer

Whilst growing up my mother was never one to scrimp when it came to buying me stationery. By the time I was seven I had handfuls of unused but attractive looking notebooks and at least two sets of high quality colouring pencils. Drawing and being creative became a influential part of my life. Being an only child it was a way for me to stay entertained at family affairs or rainy days. I know that many of the memories by school friends might have of me will be of me sitting somewhere even and dry on the playground, hunched over my clipboard and scribbling away furiously.

This way of staying entertained soon became my way of earning a living. Working at Star Digital has enabled me to grow into a better designer and learn things that I had zero knowledge of. Working on projects that I have a genuine interest and passion for. The projects I have worked on include the redesign of Cadman Fine Wines Magento Store, various storefronts for the Leisure Grow company and Allianz’s Annual Investor Forum Microsite.

I’m a bit of a geek and I enjoy watching films, reading comics and playing D&D / board games with my friends once a month. I like to bake and go out with my father and our cameras taking photos. There is still a lot that I wish to learn and achieve in my life both as a person and a designer. I have learnt that if I truly apply myself I can overcome pretty much anything.

Shelley Digital Project Manager

A fairly new member to the team here at Star Digital, I’m in charge of whipping the studio into shape as Digital Project Manager. I joined back in the summer last year and have helped develop new processes around customer service and workloads.

The majority of my role is managing customer projects from inception to completion, I am the main point of contact for our customers and liaise with both the development and marketing teams to ensure successful delivery and support.

I would love to say that project management was where my heart always lived but in truth it’s something I fell into, I am a very organised, logical person and am quite partial to telling people what they should be doing, so turns out project management is a good fit for me.

Eloise Digital Marketing Intern

For the last eight months I have been assisting with digital marketing tasks at Star Digital. I have my own routines in how to work and get things done, most of these involving a much needed cup of tea. I enjoy working in a busy agency and find it highly rewarding as every day is different and nothing is quite the same and nothing beats the feeling of making someone’s day when you help them. Working in a small team also means that it is easy to support each other through any difficult times of the day, and that knowledge makes everything easier.

I have enjoyed my time here at Star Digital and will truly miss them all when I leave to return for my final year at Reading university.

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