Landing Pages – The make or break of your marketing campaigns

The Importance of landing pages: You’ve painstakingly built your paid advertising campaign so it matches your website’s content. You’ve researched all your keywords including keywords across your ad copy. You’ve even set bids to ensure your perfectly worded ads can appear at the top of the results pages. You even know the exact audience you are targeting and the type of information they are looking for. You’ve spent the time constructing a campaign that you hope is going to drive conversions on your website. A website that has had the same level of detailed attention as your brand-new advertising campaign. But, you’ve started the campaign and click costs and ad positions aren’t as good as they could be. The key could be your use of Landing pages to increase your Adwords quality scores. Building bespoke landing pages could make or break your marketing campaign. You’ve done the hard work in building campaigns to deliver visits to your website but now first impressions count. If visitors come looking for something you need to give them what they want and fast. Adding too many hurdles will make potential customers leave without engaging with your brand. For example, you start a campaign selling shoes. Your ad focuses on a sale for red shoes but you link to your homepage and it doesn’t clearly talk about your red shoe sale. Shouldn’t you be linking to a bespoke landing page that only deals with the red shoe sale? By ensuring the messaging on your landing page correlates well with the advert call to action, you immediately provide a positive and relevant experience for the user. Web Landing pages need to be optimised to fully represent your conversion goal, meaning fewer distractions and more engagement. Homepages are great, but they serve a different purpose to the goals of your targeted advertising campaigns, as they deal in general navigation of all brand elements. You need to focus tightly if you want to maximise marketing outcomes. If you know someone is interested in a certain product or service, because they clicked on your advert about red shoes, you know they would prefer to land on a page that deals with entirely with red shoes. Why send them to a homepage, however clear it may be, that has many distractions and means they must navigate through categories and subcategories to find what they are looking for, getting lost or frustrated before leaving your site in a rage and with a poor impression of your brand. Landing pages help break down these barriers to conversion, where fewer obstacles presented to the user mean greater rates on conversions. We’ve seen campaigns that have delivered a 20% increase in click to conversion through the correct use of landing pages. If you want to know more or have an underperforming campaign you would like us to look at, get in touch with us on 01604 696385.

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