What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a key digital marketing discipline, and is a subject that is being talked about a lot in 2017, and a lot of our clients are asking what is content marketing? Well, the term ‘content marketing’ has been a trending topic in digital marketing circles for a few years now, and the actual discipline emerged several years ago when savvy digital marketers realised it was a key to performing better in SEO rankings on the Google search engine. The Content Marketing Institute (yep, it has its own Institute!) defined content marketing as; “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” It is important to understand that all of the major search engines have become better at reading the context and meaning of language on web pages. As this has become evident. marketers have moved away from creating ‘spammy’ inbound link heavy content and moved back to the art of writing informative meaningful and relevant content. The days of paying for badly written offshore content in bulk have gone, and now you are more likely to see larger brands employing writers and journalists to craft compelling copy for their internet pages and moving towards a magazine style of presentation that en gabs and keeps users on their web assets.

What are the rules of content marketing?

The first rule of content marketing is quality. Marketers now know they need to write copy that delivers on a searchers requirements, fulfils their wants and needs, is informative or delivers thought leadership on the subject. The search engines will then index this content and serve it up based on the searchers intent. Page titles and page url’s should be thought through and a focus keyword/s identified. The focus keywords should appear in the page title and at the beginning of the content and any article should be greater than 300 words long. The second rule of content marketing is relevance. One element that digital marketers need to consider is the rise of ‘spoken search’. This is an area that is seeing unprecedented growth as more and more users begin their search journeys on mobile devices. They just click and speak to the device and the search engine delivers up the most relevant results. Marketers now need to consider crafting key areas of their copy to effectively answer users questions as well. This means ensuring that their content is developed to be increasingly reliant to a search intent. The third rule of content marketing is scope. The scope of content marketing is a critical factor in its success. It is only the beginning to craft the best and most relevant content. Marketers need to make sure that the scope of the content is as wide as possible. Social marketing channels have been emerging at the speed of light, and sharing content across as many channels as possible is extremely important to getting the all important content seen. The obvious start point for the content is on a web page, or a blog page but it doesn’t stop there. Marketers need to understand what their digital marketing ‘universe’ looks like, and to identify all of the channels on which to share their crafted content. Obvious choices include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But consideration should alos be given to email marketing and industry portals such as the local chamber of commerce news feed, specialist portals such as industry news feeds, the local press. When marketers start to drill down and think about the marketing universe for content it quickly becomes apparent that the scope of their content marketing reach is not optimal. Following these simple rules will ensure that marketers are delivering better quality content marketing, delivering reach and relevancy that will result in better visibility to searcher and ranking in the search engine indexes. Don’t forget, marketing is. nothing without good content… Good luck with your content marketing efforts!    

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