Shopify Plus Partner – Star Digital

Star Digital have been named as the latest digital commerce agency in the UK to achieve Shopify Plus Partner status. Star Digital decided to join the fast growing platform after a lengthy period of due diligence and research involving their design and developer teams. Star Digital were very impressed with the Shopify Plus platform, the partner channel and support, alongside the rapid growth of the platform. The ease of use and speed at which the team could set up fully functioning stores was impressive when compared to other platforms.

Shopify Plus is now a credible alternative to Magento

Roger Martin, CEO at Star Digital said “We have been partners to Magento since 2009, but for the last 12 months we have had to look at alternative offerings as the Magento 2 product launch has not been helpful for clients or developers. The Shopify Plus platform is a great addition to our digital commerce offerings, and with the new Warehouse module we can now offer rapid B2B commerce deployments. Clients should start adding the platform to their project RFI’s as the speed to market and cost savings make it favourable” Roger went on to talk about the system integration elements of the Shopify Plus platform, “The most exciting part of the venture is the ease at which our developers have been able to repurpose our suite of integration tools known as ‘Connected Commerce‘ to work with the Shopify Plus environment via the excellent RESTful API’s.  We can connect to established ERP solutions such as MS Dynamics NAV, SAP and legacy SQL based systems with relative ease.” “From March 2017 we now position Shopify Plus alongside Magento for client enquiries, as the rapid deployment, robust hosting and reduced total cost of ownership warrants a serious look. Whilst we accept that Magento will still be a required environment for very customised implementations Shopify Plus will be the perfect solution for a lot of newer clients moving forwards, particularly in the sub £5 million turnover range who are looking to have both commerce and EPOS.” Shopify Plus Partner UK Martyn Boddy, head of agency partnerships at Shopify Plus said “We are thrilled to have Star Digital as an official Shopify Plus Partner. With their award winning services powered by the stability of Shopify Plus, we anticipate building great things together. Welcome Star Digital!”

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