Shopify Plus Launches B2B ecommerce Solution – Wholesale Channel

Shopify Plus, today 9th March 2017, launched their B2B commerce solution for the Shopify Plus channel called ‘Wholesale Channel’. This all new channel can easily be added to Shopify Plus builds in the admin section at no extra cost and takes the Shopify Plus omni-channel commerce solution to new heights for enterprise level merchants. The software is designed to sync with an online store’s customers, products, and collections to allow Shopify Plus merchants to easily sell to their wholesale customers. Once installed, Wholesale Channel creates a password protected wholesale store. Merchants can then invite buyers to purchase their products at their assigned wholesale price. Merchants can customise prices offered to wholesale/trade buyers by:
  • Setting percentage-based discounts across the entire store or across a collection.
  • Setting variant-specific prices in price lists (such as a flat price).
  • Providing different prices to different buyers.
  • Setting a minimum order amount for all wholesale orders.
Price lists can contain:
  • All products offered at the same percentage discount.
  • A set of collections (categories) of products offered at different percentage discounts.
  • Specific products offered at set prices. Prices set on products will override any discounts applied.
Customers can be assigned to multiple price lists. It is possible, and often likely, for a product to be offered at different prices on different price lists. For example, you could have a regular price list that offers all products at a 40% discount and a clearance price list that offers set prices on a few lower moving products. To run a sale, you could simply assign the clearance price list to the customer. You can make sure that customers submit orders that meet or exceed a specified fiscal amount, by choosing a minimum order value on the Wholesale store page in the wholesale channel. Understanding the pricing that different customers pay is easy with Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel, just go to Accounts in the Wholesale Channel and click the price look up button, select the customer and you will see their pricing schedules. Shopify Plus Warehouse allows customers specific pricing lookup                

Accepting payments outside of Shopify Plus

By default, the wholesale email invoices that Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel sends support credit card payments through your online checkout. They don’t allow your customers to use other payment methods such as net terms, direct payment, or bank transfer. You can still use draft orders to keep track of payments that you’ve received outside of Shopify. When you open a draft order, you have the following options:
Draft order payment options
  • Click Pay with credit card to enter credit card payments in Shopify for sales you’ve made by phone, in person, or elsewhere.
  • Click Mark as paid if you already received payment outside Shopify (such as a bank transfer or cheque).
  • Click Mark as pending if payment will be received later (if you have implemented Net terms, for example). You can add a comment on the draft order if you want to keep track of the payment terms on the same draft order.

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