Beginners SEO: 5 Easy Ways to Boost your Website Ranking

The world of SEO (search engine optimisation) can seem complex and mysterious to the everyday human. I mean, apart from us digital geeks, who really has the time to learn each one of Google’s 200+ factors that influence search rankings in its algorithm? But for small businesses, boosting your website ranking to the top of search is necessary to compete in today’s digital landscape. Research shows that the top 5 search results receive 75% of clicks and only 25% of people will click past the first page – crazy, right? However, there’s things every online business owner can do to increase their chances of getting their website to the top. We’ve put together 5 easy things you can do today, to boost your website ranking. Boost Website Ranking with SEO

1. Discover Your Industry’s Niche Keywords

Popular keywords and terms, such as ‘furniture’, are often the most difficult to rank for. This is due to the fierce competition for such broad search terms. Instead, try focusing on long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to your products and services. For example, ‘Scandinavian style dressing table’, may offer less search volumes but greater opportunity to rank higher. Google Keyword Planner is great way to explore some of these lesser obvious search terms.

2. Place Keywords Within Titles & Meta Description Naturally

Now that you’ve discovered the best keywords for your business. It’s time to feed them into the key areas of your content. That includes within the page title and meta description. However, be sure to think like a customer – if they don’t read naturally, your customers are unlikely to click. Bonus Tip – Keep your page titles under 70 characters and your meta description below 160.

3. Create Effective Image Alt Attributes

Google search bots can’t see images. So how does Google pull back results when somebody completes an image search? That’s where image Alt attributes come into play. Search engines use the information provided within the alt text to determine the most relevant results for an image search. So, to take advantage of this and give yourself an edge over your competitors, include your keywords within the alt text. However, make sure it’s relevant to the image, otherwise search engines may punish your site as a result. For example, there’s no point labelling a picture of a cute puppy with ‘affordable marketing services in Northampton’.

4. Structure Your Header Content For SEO

Keep your headers structured, to make it easy for search bots to crawl and rank your content for your desired search terms. It’s recommended that you stick to one H1 tag per page – to boost your rankings make sure your keyword is within this tag. It’s also important that you use the H elements correctly. Below is an example structure of how to use them: <h1> Clothes <h1> <h2> Dresses <h2> <h3> Short Dresses <h3> <h4> Short Red Dresses <h4> You don’t have to use all these elements and you can also use the same element multiple times (except from the H1 tag). However, just make sure that the elements are not mixed on the page – for example H1, H3, H2, H2. You also don’t have to use every element (from H1 to H6).

5. Link to Authoritative Sites

One simple way to enhance your site’s authority, is to include links within your content to other authoritative sites. However, before you think about spamming your visitors with unrelated article links, just take a second to think about Google’s end goal. Google want its customers to find the most relevant information possible. Therefore, by pointing you visitors to information where they can find out more about an item or topic, your website is seen to be providing a valuable user experience – and your efforts are rewarded by Google!

Key Takeaways

So, there it is – 5 simple things you can do today to boost your website ranking on Google. However, please don’t become deflated if you don’t see results immediately. Changes can often take several weeks, sometimes months, for Google to begin ranking you higher. Perseverance is key! The key takeaway here is if you choose your keywords wisely, build you content around those keywords and start linking to high authority sites, you’ll start to increase your site’s chances of earning one of those top 5 spots. Sign up to our newsletter below to receive our latest news and insider tips, to help your business thrive in today’s digital arena. If you’d like to learn more about our SEO services and would like to speak to an expert, call our friendly team on 01604 696385 or email

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