How Social Media Marketing Drives Sales

One of the biggest trends in the ever-changing world of digital is the acceleration in success of social media marketing. No matter who your target market is, many of your customers will have some sort of connection with social media. Social media is an increasingly important digital touch point for brands as the way in which consumers engage with businesses are changing. Today, your customers will not only use social media to stay up-to-date with a company’s latest news, but also as a platform to get in contact with customer support. Furthermore, building a large and engaged social media audience can also massively impact a brands bottom line. Studies show that customers that interact with your business over social media are 129% more likely to purchase. The experiences that customers obtain on social media, contribute to their brand associations of your company, therefore their willingness to purchase from you to become a repeat customer. Marketing on social media gives the impression that your business is present and making an impact which makes customer feel more connected to you as a company. So what benefits can a company expect to gain from marketing on social media? Benefits of social media for business:
  • Gaining customer insights –can be a way of generating new ideas for many businesses. This could be for new products or just a way of improving customer service, which will result in making better business decisions for a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Increases brand awareness and loyalty – many people are online to feel part of a community, which is something that will benefit companies. A customer, feeling involved and having a positive customer experience will encourage them to repeat their shopping habits with your brand, so creating customer loyalty.
  • Proving a better experience for your customers – customer service being executed correctly is key to a business. When online, having a quicker response time builds consumer confidence and the risk of losing customers.
  • Increase traffic and search ranking – Google now uses social signals to influence search rankings. By growing your social reach and posting relevant content that your audience share, you’ll boost your authority and drive more traffic to your site, either directly from your social media or through searches.
  • Share content faster – another great benefit of social media is that information can be posted to thousands of people with just one click of a button. It also keeps your customers informed at all times enabling them to feel involved.

Social Media Marketing and Sales

Social Media Marketing Studies show that for sales, social media acts as a powerful tool. Which is no surprise when most adults between the ages of 18 and 34 state they are more likely to follow a brand via social media than any other source. For example; with Facebook, highly targeted advertising has become increasingly popular, as adverts appear based on a user’s likes, interests, demographics and more. In fact, studies show that 85% of all orders from social media came from Facebook. Advertising within a large social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gives your company exposure on a daily basis, which increases the likelihood of sales. This is one of the biggest changes to be seen from social media as many consumers follow brands to see what’s new. A survey from Aimia found that 56% of consumers said they follow brands on social media to browse their products and 31% use it specifically to find new items to purchase. One of the main things that businesses should be taking advantage of on their social media sites is making it easier for consumers to access the web page or app directly from a social media post. This way if consumers see something that they want to purchase it is much easier for them to buy it and this can also encourage impulse purchasing. Here are some more ways of increasing sales volume from your social media marketing accounts:
  • Choose the right social media marketing network – your target market and business will determine what social media channels are relevant to your brand. Examples for this could be on Instagram, clothing brands thrive by sharing high quality images of their clothing and latest fashion trends.
  • Follow the correct users – by doing this you wont be wasting time with consumers that aren’t interested
  • Contribute to discussions about your brand – to add value to your business, it is important to respond to your customers. Also it gives the business a chance to get their name out there multiple times.
It’s fair to say that the power of social media and your brand’s bottom line should never be underestimated. With 1.65 billion active mobile social media accounts globally and a further 1 million being added everyday it highlights the endless opportunities available to expand your footprint. Sign up to our newsletter below to receive our latest news and insider tips, to help your business thrive in today’s digital arena. If you would like to learn more about our digital marketing services, call our friendly team on 01604 696385 or email

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