How Reviews Help to Boost SEO Efforts

Reviews are playing a big part in the online world, particularly for SEO . In fact, it’s estimated that reviews account for almost 10% of Google’s ranking factors. Now that’s a fact that no ecommerce brand should ignore. So, if you weren’t considering reviews as part of your SEO strategy, then you certainly should be now, before you have to play catch up! How Reviews Help Boost SEO

How do reviews help your SEO?

  1. Creates up-to-date user generated content – reviews are a brilliant form of user-generated content. Coming from actual users it has more influence on future customers.
  2. Boosts Keyword Traffic – as reviews are from your customers, the language that they use will be highly similar to your target market. A consistent flow of reviews will aid in targeting more traffic through the right keywords coming directly from the customers.
  3. Increases the social conversation – If your reviews are positive, it may increase your social reach and sales due to positive word of mouth. The better the reviews, the more likely people are to share with others.
  4. Google favours highly rated sites – Google takes into account the ratings of sites, having particular favours for those who have higher ratings. It is not just about adding reviews to your site, it is about trying to find ways to improve them.
  5. Receive visible star-ratingsWhen star ratings are displayed next to your brand on Google search results, potential customers gain a sense of trust of your product. This results in them clicking through and visiting your site. Not to mention their impact on conversion rate; star ratings can lead to a 17% conversion rate.
  6. Improves rankings for products – you’ll benefit from their ranking higher for people who are searching for reviews of your product.
Reviews are very powerful and should never be underestimated. They can provide your brand many benefits, but sadly not many customers take the time to write them.

So, the big question for brands right now is how do we get customers to give us a review?

Email Campaign Asking for a Review One way that a company could increase the amount of reviews that they get is by setting up an email marketing campaign. This would ideally be sent out to the consumer two to three weeks after the purchase of their product/service. This amount of time gives the consumers time to generate a reliable opinion on the product to give them the ability to leave a review. There are some review software’s available to help companies with this such as Yotpo. This software allows customers to fill out a review form from their inbox, this creates convenience for the consumer and therefore the likelihood of them completing the form is high. Incentivise Feedback Another way that a company could increase the amount of reviews on their site is providing an incentive. This would be communicated via email, but include a benefit for the customer as a reason for completing the review. A lot of companies offer discounts for the consumer’s next visit if they complete a review. Or they will enter them into a competition to win something such as £100 to spend within their stores. Review Reminder Within Package Lastly, you can use inverts when trying to obtain a review from a customer. Depending on the type of company you have, if you send out packages to customers such as clothing sites you can add in a flyer to either say thank you or give instructions on how they can review or give feedback about the products that they have purchased What About Negative Reviews? A lot of people will now be wondering, what if a customer writes a negative review? How will this affect my SEO? It is a common perception that negative reviews will badly affect their SEO. This is not the case. You will not be penalized as no company can be perfect and get good ratings all the time. The manual reviewers at Google are taught to take negative reviews from ecommerce websites with a pinch of salt and look deeper into the reputation of the business. Their guides for manual SEO rates specifically say to read the negatives reviews and feedback before assuming this reflects on a sites reputation accurately. This way they can get a more reliable overview of the opinions on that company. With using the tools mentioned in this post you would have a very high chance of improving your SEO. It is important to remember that with having the extra content by your customers it increases the amount they consider you to be a trustworthy brand. This is because it is connecting real people to your products, which consumers appreciate. With all of the benefits above, it would be madness to not participate in generating the amount of reviews your brand receives. So jump on this trend now and take advantage of all the benefits! If you would like to learn more about our SEO services, call our friendly team on 01604 696385 or email

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