Handy Guide on Writing Product Descriptions

The key to writing good product descriptions is to ensure that both Google and your customers can understand them. Product descriptions need to successfully sell your products so it is important that you create product copy that will persuade potential customers to purchase what you are offering. Does your product copy entice your audience to buy or enquire about a specific product? Kissmetrics suggests product descriptions are a main reason a user may, or may not purchase an item. What a user reads about the product, influences whether or not she will buy. Therefore it is important to make sure all relevant information is included in the online product copy. Lets have a look at some useful tips on writing effective product descriptions: Define your audience To describe your ideal buyer, you need to know what it is that will make them buy your product. Is it the tone of voice used? Could it be the detailed description? What is it that will engage them to view the product? Why do they want to buy my product? Asking yourself these questions will help you to understand your audience. It is essential that when writing a product description you focus on whom your target audience are and what it is that they want from your organisation. The best product descriptions will address your audience directly and personally and will attract their attention straight away. Think about how you would speak to your audience if you were selling them a product in store and try to incorporate a similar language into your online descriptions. Create unique descriptions It is essential that you create your own product descriptions; duplicating manufacturer descriptions can lead to duplicates across your site and others, which Google will penalize you for. To make sure you haven’t accidently used duplicate copy you can sign up for Copyscape.com and paste in each product description. Copyscape will flag your copy if it is a duplicate and you will have to rewrite it to ensure it is unique to your website. Creating your own unique product copy will reflect your brand’s image and personality, which will go down positively with your customers and even potential customers. product descriptions Highlight the benefits Although it is important to focus on what a product does to an extent, potential clients are particularly interested in how the product will benefit them. It is important not to overload your audience with various mundane features or specifications that’s not relevant to them. By highlighting the benefits and how the product will make their lives better, will encourage a potential customer to purchase a product. People need to know why they should buy your product. Ask yourself these questions about your product(s):
  • Does it solve any current problem that your target customers might have?
  • Can it help them achieve a dream or big goal?
  • Does it deliver something they want or need?
You need to intrigue visitors with benefits of products in your descriptions and make them want to discover more. Don’t just sell a product; sell an experience or a solution! Optimise descriptions for search engines Product descriptions are like any other online copy; they need to be successfully optimised for search engines. Keywords play an important part in driving traffic to your site and including a few keywords in your product descriptions definitely helps to ensure customers find the product they’re looking for. Although including keywords too many times is a bad move for both Google and for customers. It can look unnatural and Google will potentially flag it up for ‘keyword stuffing’. Optimise product images as well to help your images be found by users on Google. You should use relevant keywords in the file name, image description and the alt tag. Read our top SEO tips on boosting your website ranking on Google.  Use correct grammar You won’t attract a potential customer’s attention by using incorrect grammar. It is important that you use a spellchecker and use simple words instead of jargon. Product descriptions should be easy to read for your audience. To improve readability for customers consider using the following:
  • Large font sizes
  • An easy-to-follow writing style
  • Images or videos
  • A captivating headline
On an e-commerce website, even a small mistake makes you look careless, inexperienced and can even result in losing a potential sale. Writing product descriptions can make or break a company. It might take time to complete, but if done correctly your business can benefit from seeing an increase of web traffic and sales. If you’d like to know more about the SEO services we offer at Star Digital, speak to our team on 01604 696385 or email info@star-digital.co.uk.

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