Why Digital should be in your Marketing Mix

26th March 2018 by Roger Martin

Why Digital should be in your Marketing Mix

26th March 2018 by Roger Martin

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So you’ve handed over your Instagram account to the resident office millennial and had a quick poke around AdWords. You’ve sent a few emails and have the feeling you should be blogging more regularly, but deep down you’re not really sure what the point of it all is.

Of course, we completely get digital marketing (for that, read we’re absolutely obsessed with it), so thought we’d preach to the not-quite converted about why digital marketing should be a key player in your marketing plan.

There’s a whole bunch of digital marketing tools that you can use to promote your brand:

  • content marketing and SEO
  • organic, local and paid search
  • social media
  • email marketing
  • your blog

Choose the best combination of  these to direct people to your website from all over the internet, e.g. through a friendly chat on social media, by posting informative blog content and Youtube videos and by sending targeted and personalised email campaigns. You can even remind people what they were browsing for with remarketing ads – here’s a geeky stat for you: 70% of users who revisit your website through remarketing are likely to convert (CIM 2018).

Just make sure your campaigns work as well on phones as they do on laptops, and check that your message and tone of voice are consistent so that your brand is immediately recognisable across all channels.

One of the beauties of digital is that it’s cheap. Cheap is obviously a pretty subjective word, but there’s no denying that digital marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising.  TV and magazine adverts may be out of your reach, so why not replace TV ads with YouTube vids and magazine ads with blog posts? Better than cheap, digital marketing is cost-effective. You can test and target different audiences to find out exactly what works and save money by promoting your brand to people who are genuinely likely to buy from you.

Digital marketing also lets you measure how well your campaign is performing. Reports from Google Analytics, your email platform and Facebook Page Insights, for example, show you exactly which campaigns your customers are engaging with and which ones might need some work. The amount of data presented can be pretty daunting, but if you’re a Google Analytics newbie, you could focus on

  • how may unique page visitors are you getting?
  • where are your visitors coming from? Is it a Google search, a link in a personalised email or a Facebook post?
  • how many people actually clicked on your ads and how much did each click cost you? Did these clicks turn into conversions?

Check your bounce rate and average time on site too to find out if people are finding your website content relevant.

Social media often goes hand in hand with digital marketing, and it’s a great tool to find out what people are saying about you (or to monitor brand sentiment, if you fancy a bit of marketing jargon). Build rapport and show customers that you care by engaging with them online. Chat with customers to nip any issues in the bud – even if you don’t do social media, your customers probably do and it’s better they raise any concerns directly with you rather than having a good old Facebook rant to everyone else. One thing to bear in mind is vanity metrics – it’s hugely flattering to see your number of Likes and Followers rise, but are these actually getting customers to your site (and ultimately to your checkout)?

Worried about biting off more than you can chew? Give our friendly team a shout to find out more about our digital marketing services. You can call us on 01604 696385 or email us at info@star-digital.co.uk.