WordPress solution for acclaimed barrister’s chambers in London

22nd August 2018 by Roger Martin

WordPress solution for acclaimed barrister’s chambers in London

22nd August 2018 by Roger Martin

9 Stone Buildings Launch – WordPress solution for legal practices

9 Stone Buildings is one of the oldest set of barristers’ chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, who have a long and proud history with proven experience in the specialist areas of traditional and commercial chancery. They needed us to create a WordPress solution that would support their digital marketing strategy of making it easier for direct clients to approach barristers.

In addition to this, an extensive number of the chambers members are recognised as leading practitioners in their fields.

The Brief:

9 Stone Buildings approached Star Digital to create a bespoke WordPress solution that generated a user-friendly browsing experience reflecting their strong ethos of being both traditional and modern. Another priority was for prospective clients to be able to search for relevant articles and materials (such as publications) and quickly find out information on barristers who had expertise in specialist areas.

The Solution:

Understanding the importance of making it easy for clients to find barristers or information on legal issues relevant to their needs, Star Digital decided to focus on creating an innovative and clever search functionality to enable clients to find answers to their questions with ease. On the homepage, users are greeted with a search box labelled “Search for barrister or legal issue”. This invites the users to type in their query instead of navigating around the website.

WordPress solution for legal practices

WordPress solutions for legal practices

For example, if a user were looking for someone to assist with a human rights case, the user would simply type in “human rights”. This would then provide a list of resources and barristers related to that specific topic. This feature provides a smooth, pain free search for the client, which other barrister websites often lack.

Another user friendly feature is the ‘People’ page. This provides a list of Members of Chambers in which each profile can be individually customised. Each profile has textboxes that can be expanded if and when a client feels it’s necessary. This enables the client to avoid information overload and easily find what they’re after, rather than spending time combing through endless paragraphs of writing to find the relevant information.

WordPress solutions for legal practices

What the client says:

“Star Digital worked really hard to create a totally bespoke website for our chambers which reflects our personality as being a rich blend of the traditional and modern. Clients can easily find relevant articles and other materials and quickly find out about individual barristers and their expertise in specialist areas.”

You can take a look at the WordPress solution here and try the search functionality out for yourself:

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