Shopify Flow – Ecommerce Automation Platform

Shopify Flow – Ecommerce Automation Platform

27th August 2018 by Roger Martin

27th August 2018 by Roger Martin

Shopify Flow – Workflow automation tools to delight your customers.

This is a short presentation on the Shopify Flow toolset that ships with Shopify Plus. Designed to take the hassle out of creating ecommerce workflows this tool makes it easy to automate specific tasks. Shopify Flow lets merchants take control of dynamic workflows without the need for costly apps, developers coding and manual workarounds (hacks).

The goal here is simplification for merchants marketing and customer service teams to develop workflows that deliver meaningful automation to give your customers better service levels, and to take the time effort out of common tasks that the team find boring/distracting.


Shopify Flow - trigger, condition, action


Example workflows include the following;

  • Automatic product reorder scripts
  • Product low inventory warnings to marketing teams to stop promos
  • Auto tag new products
  • Send Slack notification to customer services for high risk/value orders before capturing payment
  • Easy implantation of loyalty promotions based on lifetime spend
  • Track customers that come from specific campaigns by auto tagging
  • Notify customer services of a high value order to end a personal thank you

Check out the video below from Shopify that shows how the Shopify Flow tool works.

Shopify Flow is a 3-step visual workflow builder that automates tasks without the need of coding or development expertise. Its trigger, condition and action logic can automate business processes in a few clicks.

Everyday, you’re faced with competing demands on your time. Time consuming, repetitive tasks are becoming roadblocks to focusing on business growth. Often times turning to a costly patchwork of apps, developer expertise, code, and manual efforts to make workflows happen. You need an integrated automation tool to execute tasks with speed and agility in order to adapt and expand your business- Shopify Flow was designed by the team at Shopify to address it out of the box.

We hope you found this article useful. If you require further information on using Shopify Plus to grow your ecommerce business please do not hesitate to contact us.