13 Mar

Posted by Roger Martin

Banjo the dog caught red pawed
The suspect after apprehension

On Wednesday 5th March 2014 at around 11am, multiple reports of a Border Collie acting suspiciously in the Star Digital studio were made. The suspect was then caught red pawed stealing sandwiches from a fellow employee. The suspect was then apprehended on the spot and taken straight to his bed, where he carried out his sentence of 10 minutes without time off for good behaviour…

Banjo Martin is well known to the authorities, he has also had previous convictions for “Rummaging through bins” and “Breaking and Entering into Kitchens”, as well as “Rounding up local sheep with out permission”.

“Devastated” said John Little, sandwich theft victim. “I was working away with no problem, next thing I know – he demolished my sandwiches.”

Banjo has not made any comment, but has been seen loitering with intent in the studio with a yellow ball in his mouth…


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