24 Feb

Posted by rogerm

I read an interesting article on Twitter and Email marketing earlier today at Returnonsubscriber

The gist of it was that you could track the results of an email broadcast that you effectively posted on Twitter.com.

If you take the time to read the blog post per the link above you may find that whilst the outcomes could provide interesting insight the process is a little complex.

I wanted to think outside the box, and I came up with an alternative method on the drive home that might be quicker and more fruitful…

Let’s assume that you’ve created your email already, and broadcast it in the normal manner. Now apply the following steps to re-purpose it on Twitter and get tracking for views with the added bonus of some macro geo-dems to boot. After all Twitter is global, and it would help to see if your brand messaging is of interest in new markets. To achieve this we can use Hoot Suite.

  1. Send a preview of your HTML email to yourself making sure that you have an HTML campaign view link on it
  2. Click on the link and cut and paste the URL into notepad or textedit
  3. Go to http://hootsuite.com and set up an account
  4. Create a tweet in Hoot Suite and use the ow.ly tool to add the shortened link to your HTML email at the end of your tweet (Tip: Hootsuite does this for you)
  5. Post that tweet, and wait a while
  6. Click on the stats tab in Hoot Suite and you’ll see how many clicks your tweet got, which logically converts to email views.
  7. The Hoot Suite stats also give you macro level geo-demographic data – so a little bit more insight for your effort

Pretty easy huh?

Plus you could append your original HTML email with a message at the top saying something like ‘Tweet Edition’ and then offer fellows tweeters the option to subscribe.

Anyways, thanks to the guys at Returnonsubscriber for making me think about this one. I know a few of my clients that have interesting email, not sales stuff, are going to get us to give this a go.

We’ll blog some results once we’ve done it.

If you have a crack at it, please leave a comment.


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