01 Apr

Posted by rogerm

We’ve been a bit too busy to post anything lately due to the volume of work over here at Star Digital.

We’ve had new web builds to do for Swatkins Silverware, Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre and Filtersource, all of which are complex solutions.

As always we made sure that each site was properly configured with Google Analytics so that our customers can get a good gauge of the traffic coming into their sites, and for the Bowlers, understanding the ROI on any advertising or email marketing spend.

To that end we noticed that Google have launched a Google Analytics Individual qualification, and updated the Analytics University with some great videos that form the curriculum to the exam. Matt Cutts used Twitter to promote it.

The great thing is that some of the videos really do help to explain some of the more complex but highly valuable features of the tracking software, such as using regular expressions, amongst others such as Event tracking and virtual pageviews. What’s more these are all presented using the excellent Adobe Presenter, so you get full screen, unlike the tiny vidcasts of the past.

So for anyone wanting to go deeper into Google Analytics get yourself over to the Conversion University and learn how to unleash the power of Google Analytics.

If we can find some spare time amongst all of this work, we’ll get on and take the exam!

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