11 Mar

Posted by Lorna Casswell

If you didn’t know already Mother’s Day is just under three weeks away, and in the run up to Sunday March 30 plenty of people will be looking to buy something extra special for their Mums.

If your site sells products that are gift-worthy there is still time to put a Mother’s Day campaign together. In today’s blog post we run through a few things you can do to get the most from your site and from your online marketing in the run up to this Mother’s Day.

On Your Website
What your site sells will determine the extent to which you want to support Mother’s Day on your website. If you sell nice kitchenware it’s likely a large selection of your products are gift-worthy, in which case you could consider going all out and putting together a gift guide where you segment products by price to make it easier for people to shop for gifts.

You could also consider adding promotional Mother’s Day banners to your website if there is functionality available to support this. When clicked on these banners could take people to a selection of gifts suitable for Mother’s Day. This ‘banner’ option is good if you have a small or large selection of products that will make good gifts.

Remember to highlight the Mother’s Day date on your site (so people know how soon it is), and it might be worth including ‘last day for delivery’ details too so people know when they must order by if they want the gift to arrive in time for the big day.

Email Marketing
If you are running any email campaigns consider adding a pod, or a banner, to it that lets people know Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that you have a selection of items that would make great gifts.

Social Media
If you are putting together collections of products that will make good Mother’s Day gifts, or gift guides, then let people know about this on your social media channels. Remember not to bombard people though; just a couple of gentle reminders should do the trick. The last Mother’s Day related post would perhaps let people know when the ‘last day for Mother’s Day delivery’ is.

If you sell a lot of products you know people want to buy for Mother’s Day (like potted plants) then you may want to add a seasonal campaign to your PPC account that targets keywords such as “Mother’s Day gifts”. Alternatively, if you have certain product categories that are gift-worthy, then update the corresponding ad text to let people know. Your PPC ad text might say “Order Now for Mother’s Day Delivery” or it might just say “Range of Mother’s Day Gifts Available”.

If you’d like some support with your seasonal digital marketing campaigns, or if you’d like a website that drives seasonal (and non-seasonal) sales, then get in touch with us at Star Digital.


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