28 Jan

Posted by rogerm

I’m loving the Wordle tool (www.wordle.net) and I’ve posted this on their gallery anonymously. Clicking on the image below will take you to a much higher resolution version where you can study the words in more detail.

But before you do, and I seriously recommend that you make that click folks, keep the following in mind. When you study the larger version look at how small the words England, Britain and UK appear, and then see if you can even find the words transparency, business, confidence and stability.

I run a small business in the UK, and I hear a lot about how PM Brown has our interests at heart, and that of all business in the UK.

Perhaps Wordle is food for thought for Gordon’s speech writers?

Click on and see for yourself

As ever, comments are welcome…

Wordle: PM Question Time Jan 26th 2009

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