September 22, 2021

How to create the perfect 'About Us' page

First impressions. They count. They’re the difference maker between a flying visit and a lifelong customer. And it only takes 2.6 seconds for someone to form a conscious first impression of your brand. So, you’ve got to get it right.

When it comes to crafting good first impressions, there are two things you’ll need to consider: 

  1. It’s no secret we buy with our eyes – 94% of first     impressions are all about how your site looks.
  2. And if you pass the sight test, you’re onto the trust fall.     86% of shoppers prefer authentic and honest brands that play on your     personality. So, if anything feels forced, you’ll be found out. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about building trust and cultivating credibility. Look good and be credible and feel good and be trusted. 

A shortcut for first impression success is a staple of any website: the About Us page. It’s also one of the most overlooked or underused. Yet, it’s the first page users will click on to get to know you. It comes under many names: Our Story, Our Mission, Our History. But it serves one purpose – to build brand trust.


But wait, what is an about us page?

Honestly? It’s anything you want it to be. It’s a golden ticket. Just like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is every facet of his personality, your 'about us' page is your place to put it all out there.

It can tell your story – why you started, where you’ve come from, and what you’ve achieved.It can tell your future – what are your aims, where do you see yourselves moving, and how do your customers fit into that?

It can tell your present – who are you, where are you, and what makes you, you.

Your business is unique. So is your brand. And your about us page should be too.We’ll tell you all the things you can include later on, but it’s always better to throw all of your ideas on a page and see which one sticks.

Your ‘about us’ page should represent what matters to you. This could be your history, your people, your values, or all of the above. You can have as much or as little content on it as you like – the task is simple: show your customers your stripes.  

And why is it important?

For starters, it’s what your users want to see. Over half (52% to be exact) of all visitors go looking for an ‘about us’ page after landing on your homepage. It’s the filling in the sandwich between your visitors and your products or services.

94% of consumers relate most to brands that promote transparency. If you want to build positive relationships with visitors from the off and maximise those all-important conversion rates, then honesty is the best policy. That’s why About Us pages work so well. It’s an opportunity for you to bear all about your business and your brand.

A lot of About Us pages spend time shouting about a businesses mission. It might seem simple enough, but it can make a staggering difference. 13% of consumers are willing to pay more if they feel the brand they’re supporting is trying to make a positive change in the world or if the cause is something they believe in.

Most importantly, it’s your space to shoot your shot. People want businesses they can believe in, and brands where they belong. You can achieve this in many ways, from celebrating your history, highlighting your values, or letting the world know what your employee’s go-to lunch is. To get you going, here's a handful of ideas for your ‘about us’ page.


Philosophies & Values

Your brand philosophies and values are a fantastic place to start. And it’s an easy one too. Focusing on the ideas that govern your company’s ethics, objectives and vision, including them on your ‘about us’ page is like handing out business cards at trade shows. In a matter of minutes, you’ve educated new and existing customers on what you stand for and what you’re striving for.

By building a relationship based on the values you share, you’ll strengthen opportunities for brand loyalty because it’s built on common beliefs and principles.

Values might be commonplace in business, but the reason why you hold them is unique to your brand – so make that clear. Companies like The Solid Wood Flooring Company spend a lot of their ‘about us’ page painting a picture of their commitment to sustainability. They don’t just say that’s what they believe in, they show you what they’ve done to support it and why they’ve done it.

Remember, avoiding buzzwords is the best way to push a values-based about us page. Why? Because it’ll help you stand out from the crowd. Everyone believes in integrity and honesty, but what do you individually stand for?

Celebrate your history, predict your future

Like your philosophies and values, your history and your future are easy ways of building brand loyalty. 

Your company's history might seem a little simple to you, but it plays a pivotal role in building trust and respect. 

Your brand has likely shaped itself through specific experiences of inspiration, perseverance, or sheer luck. All of these are compelling, and all of these are critical to your DNA. 

So, tell the world. Your trials and tribulations and your achievements and milestones will draw in customers new and old and keep them invested in you – and ultimately, your future success.

Where you’ve been is one thing, where you’re heading is another. Every business has a vision, so what is yours?Don’t hold back here – be as big and as bold as you like, but be true to your brand. 

Honeywell Smart Energy tie their history and their future together. They use short and snappy tag lines to signal their future vision: why wait for the future when you can create it. On the same page, they celebrate their past and highlight how their mission hasn't changed but simply evolves, using the heading '100+ Years of Transforming Industries’ to lead the way.

It’s a whole bunch of bold statements, sure. But it’s effective and it’s true to their brand. Honeywell positions themselves as thought leaders in their sector, and these little details allow them to establish that when users visit their website.

The question is, how do you want to position yourself as a business and brand?


Tap into your team

If there’s an element of an about us page that’s underused and underrated, it’s team profiles.

Once upon a time, nobody needed to know who did what, how long they’ve been doing it for, and whether it’s tea or coffee for Thursday morning meetings. But then social media did its thing, and now we’re all nosey.

Believe it or not, this is to your advantage. 86% of consumers prefer brands that offer an authentic and honest personality – they want transparency at all times. In the age of social media, people love learning about the things they love. So, why not let them invest their time in the people you invest yours in? You’ll make some quick conversions as well as life-long customers.

Not only that, but it’s a brilliant opportunity for building – and boosting! – employee morale. Sure, not everyone likes their picture being taken, but there’s plenty of ways to hop over that hurdle.

We’ve seen brands use employees initials as periodic tables, neat little illustrations, and even how many slices of pizza they like to eat as representations of their staff.

And that’s the main reason team profiles should be towards the top of your list – it allows you to inject what makes you, you. Show off your company culture, and your values, and your history, and your future all in one single section. And most importantly, continue to build that connection with your customers that goes beyond a single checkout interaction.


Paint your brand’s personality

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about content, but the design is just as important. One element, in particular, can make all the difference across your website, but especially on your about us page. And that’s colour.

Seems simple enough, but colour improves brand recognition by up to 80%. So many brands build themselves on bold colour schemes – why do you think it’s Coca-Cola red or Pepsi Cola blue?

The reason colour is so important on your about us page goes back to a word we’ve said a few times now: personality. You’ll have a consistent colour scheme across your website, but here you can run wild with it and use splashes of colour to create a page design that shouts your brand from the digital rooftops.  

Our subconscious is highly influenced by the colours we see – so much so that 1/3of the world’s top 100 brands include the colour blue in their logos. And our consciousness is always attracted to things we can relate to. So if you can bring quirky team profiles and common values together with colour that represents your personality, your brand will benefit from instant boosts.

As a bonus, it’ll set your page apart from all the others. And that’s where you’ll gain victories in conversions.

Here area few examples to get you started…

We’re lucky enough to work with clients all over the globe, from our humble hometown of Northampton to the other side of the pond. It means we’ve had plenty of about us pages to help cook up over the years. Here is just a handful we think are good ways of injecting personality into your about us page and bolstering your brand identity.


The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Since the 1980’s, The SolidWood Flooring Company have taken pride in their values. They’re a family-run business built on sustainability as well as delivering high-quality products, good service and competitive pricing. And that’s exactly what their about us page tells you.

It’s authentic, honest and transparent, with a focus on their history and their mission moving forward with creating sustainable wood flooring. If you were to cut open this page, you would find The Solid Wood Flooring Company’s brand identity beating like a heart.

They’ve even tied in a quick and easy ‘our team’ section, complete with photos and positions, so you know who’s leading the charge. We can’t stress enough how powerful putting faces to names can be for your customers.

Discover more here.


Bambino Mio

The award-winning global reusable nappy brand Bambino Mio have always gone above and beyond the standard.

So it’s no surprise they’ve got not one, but two, about us pages. Split between their story and their mission, they paint a colourful picture of how the business has evolved, where they’re planning to take it, and more importantly, how you, the consumer, can help them.

They’ve got plenty of pictures, including some family-friendly ones of founders Guy and Jo. There’s plenty of colour too, really bringing to life their colour scheme. Everything about the two pages is warm and welcoming, just like the brand they’ve built.

It’s recognisable and it’s relevant, without losing the personality they put into their product.

Discover more here.