July 6, 2021

SOSTAC - Our approach to digital marketing strategy

Jack Greenacre
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We’re big believers in shaping brands and sharing stories. We’ve been doing it since 2006, and we’re proud of that. When it comes to bringing your brand’s vision to life, we take things seriously.  We take our time getting to know you and your business. Where you’re at now and where you want to be. We’ll tap into our experts and put together a plan of action. Ultimately, we strategise for success. Our secret weapon: SOSTAC.

What is SOSTAC?

SOSTAC is a planning model developed in the 1990s by PR Smith to refine and rethink marketing plans. We love it so much we’ve adapted it and apply it to every project we put our name on. We apply it to all areas, whether branding and motion graphics, copywriting and digital marketing, or web development and design. We break it down into six simple elements:

S stands for Situation Analysis – where are you now?

O stands for Objectives – where do you want to go?

S stands for Strategy – how you are going to get there.

T stands for Tactics – the tools you’ll use to get there.

A stands for Action – putting your plan into action.

C stands for Control – measuring, monitoring, reviewing and updating.

Below, we’ll look into each element of SOSTAC.

Situation Analysis

This is where we ask all the right questions: how is your brand currently performing? What are your opportunities and threats? What are your competitors doing? What’s working and what isn’t?

There’s no right or wrong answer without research. So, it’s important to us to understand your business from the inside out. That way, when it comes to looking forward at your objectives, we can pick out the most strategic path to achieving them.

We like keeping ahead of the curve, which is why we keep competitor analysis at the forefront of this stage. By understanding what’s happening in and around your sphere, we can support you in expanding it.

The Mum Club


If Situation Analysis is asking, where are you now? Objectives are about asking where do you want to be?

Beyond being a bigger and better business, what do you want to achieve? What do you want your customers to think of you as a brand? What goals are realistic in line with the resources available to you?

We work closely with you to set out specific objectives and KPI’s to help you achieve your overall vision. With your objectives in place, we can begin to think about how you'll achieve your goals and what tools you’ll use.


We’ve looked at where you are now. We’ve thought about where you want to be. Now, how do we get you there?

Without creating meaningful conversions, you’re stuck at the starting gate.  So, when it comes to creating your tailor made strategy, it’s important to think about your customers: Who are they? How can they be segmented and targeted? What content do they like to digest? What online experiences do they want to have?

As the questions get answered, the puzzle begins to solve itself.

Tactics & Action

When it comes to tactics, we think about the tools you’ll use to reach your objectives. Whether it’s launching email marketing campaigns, refreshing your copy, or lifting your landing page with some motion graphics – this is where it all begins to take place.

Between the tactics and the action is our roadmap. We’ll collate timings and keep you in the loop. Once it’s all agreed, we’ll begin building your business and brand with you.


The puzzle is built, but is it right? Control is all about checking on our progress together towards achieving our goals. It’s about reviewing what’s been done and adapting what’s next where necessary.

We create monthly reports to showcase our performance throughout the month and highlight what’s working well and what needs to be improved upon. This is reinforced with monthly calls to ensure we're hitting your KPIs.

Why we love SOSTAC

We know SOSTAC works. We’ve seen it transform the projects we’ve worked on. We supported Northampton Leisure Trust bring their Trilogy Leisure brand to life by rethinking their approach to social media campaigns. We helped The Mum Club feel fresh and fun with a user experience that matters. We’ve even helped Guava & Gold bring the beach to the nation’s bathrooms. All of them were put together using SOSTAC.

It allows us to create a clear outline of the things we need to think about, in the order we need to think about them. It’s flexible and each element can be adapted to fit your wants and needs.

SOSTAC is our secret weapon, so get in touch with us today to discover how we can use it to take your business to the next level.