The Solid Wood Flooring Company is part of the Ryder International Group and is a leader in the sourcing, design and engineering of high-quality real wood flooring. Suppliers to some of the most prestigious building projects in the UK, they primarily supply the trade and DIY prosumers.

The Brief

The client was running a Magento 1 platform and wanted to look at options moving forwards in addition to just upgrading to Magento 2 as they had heard about some of the issues on the new version. Hosting costs and security patching, alongside the time required to deliver change requests were other factors that required consideration. Star Digital were asked to give their advice for a plan to either upgrade or re-platform.

The Approach & Strategy

Star Digital took a look at the current platform in detail and recommended that the client look to re-platform to the Shopify Standard environment.

Shopify would provide a hosted solution with no need for security patches, the back office of the application is merchant focussed making it easier to use than Magento2 on a day to day basis, and the site would run quickly on all devices.

It was noted that it would be much easier to build out new content sections for SEO purposes on the Shopify platform, and this was a big part of the SWF web site.

The re-platforming process involved lifting the look and feel of the old site, and migrating across all of the products, categories, filters and SEO content into Shopify. This was a relatively straightforward process and the re-platform work was completed in about 6 weeks.

The Shopify checkout was modified using an app to switch off the standard checkout in favour of a sample ordering system linked to the basket. Each sample order is processed as a 0 charge order and multiple items can be added to each order.

In addition to the above the developer team at Star Digital also built a private app for Shopify to integrate with the NoCRM system so that all orders for flooring samples could automatically turned into leads and processed efficiently.

The Star Digital marketing team then worked to audit and monitor the sites SEO performance through the migration. A change to the Google algorithm had pulled traffic down before the site move, and through a combination of improvements to the overall content structure and correction by Google, site SEO visibility was restored and improved.

The Results

The new Shopify site has now had a design refresh and is delivering high volumes of sample orders and gaining traction in SEO terms for searchers looking for trade flooring solutions.

The CRM automation is saving a lot of operational time, and the new Shopify back office empowers the in-house team to manage the site content efficiently.

Star Digital continue to look after all of the SEO optimisations and paid search activities to propel the brand forwards in a very competitive market sector.

Client Feedback

"The team at Star Digital have always been very helpful.  I am confident that they’ll not only listen to any thoughts or concerns we have, but also proactively discuss ways we can improve our websites and SEO.  

Having Star Digital managing our online presence gives us the freedom to dedicate more of our time to growing the business."

Rob Eckersley /  The Solid Wood Flooring Company


“Star Digital took our Adwords spend, halved it and more than doubled the number of lead conversions.”

Solid Wood Flooring
Release Date:
October 18, 2019
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