Bay House Aromatics sell a comprehensive range of Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Organically Certified oils, Cosmetic Ingredients Floral Absolutes, and Natural Health & Beauty products which are complimented by our in-house range of Luxury Blended Creams and Oils, and a select range of accessories vital to the Professional Therapist, and home

The Brief

When Bay House Aromatics first came to Star Digital, they had two sites, one of which wasn’t necessary after being miss informed by a previous agency, but both were in bad shape SEO wise. Bayhouse also needed an agency to take control of their Google Ads account and maximise their ROI.

The Approach & Strategy

Our first port of call was to address the 404 issue as thes eare the most damaging. To begin with we used industry leading tools to locate any 404-ing product pages that were ranking, once we had found these it was a case of setting up a simple 301 redirect for each individual link. We then implemented the following to provide a solid SEO foundation:

  • Added in missing meta descriptions
  • Fixed internal broke links
  • Resolved all broken images
  • Add ALT text to missing images
  • Implemented rich snippets to encourage click through to the website

Once we cleared up the major SEO errors, we could now turn our attention to merging Site B with Site A. We successfully redirected Site B to Site A and migrated previous orders, we then created a streamlined strategy that allow us to reassign accounts while keeping personal data secure.

Now the website and SEO issues were resolves we looked to execute effective Google Ad campaigns. To begin with we utilised Google Shopping Ads, because of the high-quality products Bay House stocks at competitive prices this was a big winner. We then set up a search campaign focusing on long-tail keywords allowing us to target people further down the funnel.

The Results (over a 3 month period)

  • Achieved an overall conversion rate of 7.15% for our search ad campaigns
  • Overall ROI for Google ads was 38:1
  • Increased organic position of industry keywords as well as the search visibility of the Bay House brand


Bay House Aromatics approached Star Digital to resolve multiple issues on their Magento website, as well as developing a digital marketing strategy to grow ecommerce sales and deliver positive ROI.

Bay House Aromatics
Release Date:
June 2019
Digital Marketing
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