The Brief

Honeywell needed to pull together several acquisitions into a single branded entity known as Honeywell Smart Energy for the USA market.

Project Strategy and Approach

The team at Honeywell put together a plan for the consolidation of several legacy brand sites for acquired entities including Elster and Connexo into a single destination for Smart Energy.

The Honeywell brand guidelines were shared with our creative lead who began building out the design framework for the new site.

Our marketing team then extracted all of the relevant copy and product data from the legacy sites into a series of content files and passed them to the agency marketing director to begin reshaping the content.

It was agreed with the client to focus the content strategy across the Smart Energy Metering concept, focused on connected cities, major utility efficiency and the power of software and analytics to deliver decision making at the edge across the key verticals of Gas, Water and Electricity.

Content was then crafted for the Honeywell team so that it would appeal to relevant at C-suite executives, as well as M&E contractors and SME managers. Multiple case studies and white papers were added to provide user data capture points and lead generation.

Furthermore, leadership and PR pieces supporting the innovation that Honeywell is bringing to this new sector were crafted alongside a number of infographics to break down the complex subject matter into visually digestible views.

Lead generation and scoring is underpinned by a Marketo intelligent form integration feeding into Salesforce to ensure that leads are properly funnelled and managed client side.

Once all of the designs and content were agreed and signed off, the web architecture had to be constructed using WordPress. Star Digital built out the system to be multilingual ready and incorporated a global product catalogue into the solution to allow the Honeywell team to add, edit and delete products for each of the energy verticals.

Additional features included a region/language automation that serves up the correct product catalogue mix depending on which market the users are visiting from.

The Results

The successful consolidation of over 18 different stand-alone online properties with mixed messaging into a single marketing presentation for Smart Energy in under 6 months.

A cohesive single lead generation point for the business allowing the Honeywell Smart Energy business to direct and drive all interested parties, trade, press, thought leaders to a fully on-brand, on-message web site that complements the main corporate Honeywell Forge strategy.

A flexible web platform constructed on WordPress and ready for further rollout in multiple languages.‍


Honeywell needed to pull together several acquisitions into a single branded entity known as Honeywell Smart Energy for the USA market.

Honeywell Smart Energy
Release Date:
February 2020
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