The Mum Club is an all-inclusive online community of Mums and Mums to be. Known for their witty and influential blog posts, they aim to make all Mums feel empowered, confident and supported.

The Mum Club

The Brief

The Mum Club approached Star Digital looking to take their brand and their online presence to the next level. With over 40,000 loyal followers on Instagram, The Mum Club wanted to upgrade their current website. They wanted to provide their followers with a fantastic user experience combined with more content and advise.

The client was keen to refresh the branding of The Mum Club. They wanted to create a strong and fun presence, unified across all of their platforms. A key element of this was to design a concept that was ‘cool’. A concept that was welcoming to all Mums. Ultimately a concept for women who want to identify as an individual as well as a mother.

Project Strategy and Approach

It is important at Star Digital to gain an in depth understanding of the brand as well as the overall mission of the client. This ensures that we embody this in all the work we produce.

Initially a graphic designer worked closely with The Mum Club to develop the current branding further. This meant understanding the end user inside out. The next stage of the design process was to bring the client’s vision to life whilst keeping the user at the forefront of the designs. Various concepts were produced and discussed in depth with the client, and small amends applied. This ensured that Star Digital achieved The Mum Club’s desired look and feel. Once the branding was approved the UI/UX designer and developer worked with the client to begin the process of designing the layout and structure of the website. This approach enabled a fast sign off on the layouts which then moved the project onto the build stage.

To unify the client’s brand across all of their platforms the designer worked with The Mum Club to produce a range of assets. This included an Instagram overhaul that provided a package of templates that the client can use on all of their future posts.

Web Development

Star Digital created a new instance of a WordPress website whilst migrating user data, images, posts and pages from their old website ensuring no data was lost.

The client was currently using Mailchimp so we made sure the new website was fully integrated, allowing the users easy sign up to their marketing campaigns and early access to new blog content. This helped to provide a platform to easily obtain new email sign ups.

A key feature on the new website is Bibblio. Bibblios full-service AI discovery platform recirculates and personalizes your content quickly and accurately, ensuring the right user finds the right content across multiple touchpoints. Bibblio helps to provide dynamic content to website visitors and shows different content depending on the interests of the web visitor. This helps to keep people engaged, thus lowering the bounce rate and improving the overall session duration of the users.

The Results

The Mum Club website was launched alongside a unified social presence. Ongoing support from Star Digital mean that The Mum Club will soon include email campaigns that embody the brand messaging. Further development on the website will provide users even more accessibility to blog writing and editing.


The Mum Club is an all-inclusive online community of Mums and Mums to be. Known for their witty and influential blog posts, they aim to make all Mums feel empowered, confident and supported.

The Mum Club
Release Date:
July 2020
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