Landing Page Video Trends on the Rise

Many users will visit your site without knowing anything about your business; it is therefore vital that you are able to engage them within the first few seconds of landing. Adopting the rising trend of using video content on your landing pages is a very effective way to do this. For those unsure of the definition of a landing page: it is the web page that the user will see when they first arrive on a website or a particular section of a website. More and more businesses are welcoming the video content trend with open arms as it is proving to be majorly effective for communicating with site visitors. Some of the uses for a landing page in particular are:
  • SEO – this is boosted by the key words that are used on the landing pages of websites.
  • Pay-per-Click ads – a method of marketing, in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked.
  • Product launches – this will separate the new products from the old to create more attention on them.
  • Segmenting offers – separating their offers from their
  • Segmenting audiences – can typically separate the pages that people are most likely to look at.
Given all of these uses in mind, it is evident that creating a world-class landing page is a must and you can do that with the simple use of a video!

The key benefits that you can gain from a landing page with a video are:

  1. Trust from customers – Particularly when incorporating real people, as this gives a sense of trust between brand and visitor. Offering such a human element allows the user to be able to relate with the brand, whereby a relationship can be formed.
  2. Decrease Bounce Rate – Having a video will encourage the amount of time a visitor will remain on a page, as it is more engaging and more digestible than more traditional text formats.
  3. Key Points addressed Quickly – Videos are designed to remain narrowly on topic and get key points across swiftly. This enables the user to obtain a lot of information in a short amount of time.
Video marketing is getting increasingly popular, as it helps reduce the bounce rate on your site. Bounce rate is an important measurement which determines website performance and shows the level of interaction with customers. Also, another promising reason to use videos is that Google give more preference to landing pages that include videos. It is widely noticed that pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. A video also allows the user to interact with the brand on a further level; largely through like’s and shares. This can also help the discoverability, as the content will be shared with a wider audience.

Here are some ways to make your videos more effective:

  • Ensure the video is high quality – as you only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention, it is important that the quality of your video is high and well produced – this means 720p or higher!
  • Choose an intriguing thumbnail – A video must be tempting for users to click; if your thumbnail is unrelated to your goal then the potential of a viewer pressing play will decrease.
  • Keep it Short – When prospecting customers visit your page, they want answers to their questions quickly. Your message should be portrayed between 45-90 seconds.
The most important thing to consider when putting together a video for your loading page is what will best fit your company. You will need to consider your desired message and how it best represents who you are as a brand. Ideally, the time of the video should be a maximum of 90 seconds due to that gives enough time to talk about essential information without the visitor getting distracted. So before leaving this this blog post we want t make sure you have all the to utilise your landing page video!

Checklist for the perfect landing page video:

  • Tells a story
  • Focussed
  • Helpful
  • Engaging
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